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Junior Olympics Athlete Info

Registration Deadlines

All entries must be received by the posted deadlines no later than 11:59:59 PM Pacific Time.

To withdraw, email Athlete must withdraw prior to the withdrawal deadline in order to receive an event fee refund. Refunds are processed 4-5 weeks following the event.

Registration Opens December 4, 2019
Regular Fee Deadline January 8, 2020
Petition Deadline January 8, 2020
Triple Fee Entry Deadline (No Paper Entry) January 22, 2020
Withdrawal/Refund Deadline January 29, 2020
Classification Change/Seeding Deadline January 29, 2020

National Event Formats

Maximum DE Field Size of 256

Beginning at the 2019 October North American Cup, a maximum of 256 fencers will be promoted out of pools for all events. With a promotion rate of 75% currently being utilized for Division I events, rarely do tables of 512 occur. This change would only affect Div I field sizes greater than 341 fencers. At events with an 80% promotion rate (junior, cadet, Div IA, Div II, III, Y12 and Y14), this change would only affect fields with more than 320 fencers.