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2023 Junior & Cadet Fencing World Championships

Welcome to the hub for the 2023 Junior & Cadet Fencing World Championships, held April 1–9, 2023, in Plovdiv, the second-largest city in Bulgaria and its cultural capital.

We'll update this page regularly to give fans the info they need to follow who has qualified for the event and how to cheer along from home.

Let's go, USA!


Junior Women's Epee

  • Hadley Husisian (Oakton, Va./Fencers Club, Princeton University, Elite Fencing Academy, DC Fencers Club)
  • Ketki Ketkar (Sammamish, Wash./Cornell University, Kaizen Academy LLC)
  • Faith Park (Lorton, Va./DC Fencers Club, Harvard University)
  • Tierna Oxenreider (Reynoldsburg, Ohio/Columbia University)

Junior Men's Epee

  • Samuel Imrek (Missouri City, Texas/Alliance Fencing Academy)

  • Miles Weiss (Houston, Texas/Alliance Fencing Academy and The Ohio State University)

  • Henry Lawson (New York, N.Y./Fencers Club Inc.)

  • Gabriel Feinberg (Lincoln, Mass./Olympia Fencing Center and The Ohio State University)

Cadet Women's Epee

  • Leehi Machulsky (San Jose, Calif./Academy of Fencing Masters (AFM))

  • Sarah Gu (Warren, N.J./Medeo Fencing Club)

  • Yasmine Khamis (McKinney, Texas/Alliance Fencing Academy)

Cadet Men's Epee

  • Luka Loncar (Belmont, Mass./Olympia Fencing Center)

  • Alexander Bezrodnov (Mountainside, N.J./Medeo Fencing Club)

  • Sergei Kudriavtcev (Houston, Texas/Alliance Fencing Academy)


Junior Women's Foil

  • Lauren Scruggs (Queens, N.Y./Peter Westbrook Foundation, Fencers Club Inc. and Harvard University)

  • Zander Rhodes (South Orange, N.J./V Fencing Club, Le Club Touche and Columbia University)

  • Ryanne Leslie (Philadelphia, PA./V Fencing Club and Piste Fencing Academy)

  • Emily Jing (Roxbury, Mass./Star Fencing Academy)

Junior Men's Foil

  • Samarth Kumbla (San Jose, Calif./Silicon Valley Fencing Center)
  • Brandon Li (Acton, Mass./Princeton University, Marx Fencing Academy)
  • Andrew Chen (Lexington, KY./Bluegrass Fencers' Club)
  • Daniel Zhang (Belmont, Mass./Star Fencing Academy)

Cadet Women's Foil

  • Emily Jing (Roxbury, Mass./Star Fencing Academy)

  • Katerina Lung (Lexington, Mass./Moe Fencing Club LLC)

  • Jia Chen (Franklin Lakes, N.J./V Fencing Club and Le Club Touche)

Cadet Men's Foil

  • Roy Graham (Needham, Mass./Jovanovic Fencing)

  • Castor Kao (Needham, Mass./Star Fencing Academy)

  • Renzo Fukuda (San Francisco, Calif./Massialas Foundation (M Team))

Photo by Eva Pavia/#BizziTeam


Junior Women's Saber

  • Magda Skarbonkiewicz (Portland, Ore./Oregon Fencing Alliance)
  • Tatiana Nazlymov (Bethesda, Md./Nazlymov Fencing Foundation)
  • Zoe Kim (Basking Ridge, N.J./Harvard University, Nellya Fencers Club)
  • Kaitlyn Pak (Jersey City, N.J./Manhattan Fencing Center)

Junior Men's Saber

  • Colin Heathcock (Palo Alto, Calif./Manhattan Fencing Center)

  • William Morrill (New York, N.Y./Scarsdale Fencing Center and Fencers Club Inc.)

  • Cody Walter Ji (Atlanta, Ga./Nellya Fencers)

  • Lev BenAvram (Bethesda, Md./Nazlymov Fencing Foundation and Brandeis University)

Cadet Women's Saber

  • Jenna Shoman (Short Hills, N.J./Manhattan Fencing Center)

  • Sophie Liu (North Potomac, Md./Capital Fencing Academy)

  • Hannah Lee (Wellesley, Mass./Boston Fencing Club)

Cadet Men's Saber

  • William Morrill (New York, N.Y./Scarsdale Fencing Center and Fencers Club Inc.)

  • Cody Walter Ji (Atlanta, Ga./Nellya Fencers)

  • Taylor Chon (Carrollton, Texas/Globus Fencing Academy)

  • Men’s Epee Coach: Franco Cerutti
  • Women’s Epee Coach: Natalie Dostert
  • Men’s Saber Coach: Terrence Lasker
  • Women’s Saber Coach: Adam Skarbonkiewicz
  • Men’s Foil Coach: Greg Massialas
  • Women’s Foil Coach: Ralf Bissdorf
  • Sports Med: Peggy Chin & Tomy Ton; from Mt. Sinai: Catherine Mills & Deborah Pacik
  • Chief of Mission: Saul Mendoza
  • Team Captain: Ben Bratton
  • Armorers: Brian Rosen & Al Merritt
  • Media: Bryan Wendell
  • Team Leader: Kaitlyn Litten

Latest News

Junior Women’s Saber

  • Gold: Magda Skarbonkiewicz
    • Oregon Fencing Alliance
    • Coaches: Adam Skarbonkiewicz, Ian Farr, Jefferson Larson
  • 8th: Zoe Kim
    • Harvard University, Nellya Fencers Club
    • Coaches: Daria Schneider, Terrence Lasker
  • 12th: Tatiana Nazlymov
    • Nazlymov Fencing Foundation
    • Coaches: Fikrat Valiyev and Vitali Nazlymov
  • 81st: Kaitlyn Pak
    • Manhattan Fencing Center
    • Coach: Aliaksei Likhacheuski


Junior Men’s Saber

  • Gold: Colin Heathcock
    • Christian Bauer Academy, Manhattan Fencing Center
    • Coach: Christian Bauer
  • 13th: Lev BenAvram
    • Nazlymov Fencing Foundation, Brandeis University
    • Coaches: Fikrat Valiyev, Vitali Nazlymov, Matthew Zich
  • Tied-23rd: William Morrill
    • Scarsdale Fencing Center, Fencers Club Inc.
    • Coach: Achiko Lortkipanidze
  • 35th: Cody Walter Ji
    • Nellya Fencers
    • Coach: Terrence Lasker


Recent Host Cities

Here's where the past 10 Junior & Cadet Fencing World Championships have been held:

2014 - Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2015 - Tashkent, Uzbekistan
2016 - Bourges, France
2017 - Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2018 - Verona, Italy
2019 - Toruń, Poland
2020 - The event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
2021 - Cairo, Egypt
2022 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2023 - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Last Time Out

Team USA won 15 medals at the 2022 Junior & Cadet Worlds in Dubai.

Gold and World Champion:

  • Hadley Husisian - Junior Women's Epee Individual
  • Lauren Scruggs - Junior Women's Foil Individual
  • Magda Skarbonkiewicz - Junior Women's Saber Individual
  • Junior Women's Foil Team (Maia Weintraub, Zander Rhodes, Lauren Scruggs, Rachael Kim)
  • Samuel Imrek - Cadet Men's Epee Individual
  • Magda Skarbonkiewicz - Cadet Women's Saber Individual


  • Siobhan Sullivan - Cadet Women's Saber Individual
  • Honor Johnson - Junior Women's Saber Individual
  • Junior Men's Epee Team (Henry Lawson, Skyler Liverant, Justin Haddad, Gabriel Feinberg)


  • Ketki Ketkar - Junior Women's Epee Individual
  • Junior Women's Epee Team (Hadley Husisian, Sarah Gu, Faith Park, Ketki Ketkar)
  • Chase Emmer - Junior Men's Foil Individual
  • Andrew Chen - Cadet Men's Foil Individual
  • Cody Ji - Cadet Men's Saber Individual
  • William Morrill - Cadet Men's Saber Individual 

The medal count from 2022.