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Application Process

How do I apply? 
To apply, please submit:

  • Your resume or executive bio detailing your education, work experience and skills.
  • A qualifying affirmation (available here)
  • A cover letter (please try to limit to 250 words), which answers the following questions: 

    1)  Why are you applying to be a USA Fencing BOD member? 

    2)  How do you envision your role and responsibilities as a board member for USA Fencing? 

    3)  What do you envision as the top-three priorities for USA Fencing and why? (Please rank the goals and priorities you’ve chosen)

    4)  What involvement have you had in USA Fencing and/or what involvement have you had in any other organizations that might be relevant to this role? 

    5)  What board experience have you had previously? Please detail major achievements of that board and your direct role in those achievements. 

    6)  Please share any additional information you think would be relevant or you’d like us to know.  

All materials should be submitted to by December 4, 2018.