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Coach, Swordplay LA, Burbank, CA

Type of Position:   Coach (any weapon)

Job Title:    Part Time 

Start Date:  06/01/2022

Job Description:   Swordplay LA is looking for a Part-Time Fencing Instructor. The Instructor will dedicate themselves to teaching whichever weapon they have more experience with. The Instructor will provide free trial lessons to students who are new to the sport and use said free trial lessons to acquire recurrent, paying students. The Part-Time Fencing Instructor will provide private lessons and will have the opportunity to teach their own regularly scheduled, weekly fencing class. The Instructor is responsible for independently setting and managing their teaching schedule, with the possibility of transitioning into a Competition Instructor role.


- Provide private fencing lessons and free trial lessons
- Teach a weekly fencing class
- Teach and model fencing safety standards and good sportsmanship
- Understand students’ goals and adjust teaching methods to meet their needs
- Help students master the basic actions of foil fencing before teaching them more advanced techniques
- Guide students to new levels of achievement and understanding of the sport
- Encourage talented, passionate, and dedicated students to compete in USFA-sponsored tournaments
- Foster customer loyalty by developing personal and caring relationships with students
- Substitute for other instructors during their planned absences, as requested and as your schedule permits
- Provide instruction for special occasions, such as summer camps and team building events
- Independently manage and maintain your own teaching schedule  


- 10-20 years of fencing experience with any of the three weapons
- 2-5 years’ prior experience with fencing instruction
- 2-5 years’ local/regional competitive fencing experience
- Able to teach at least two week nights
- Must recognize that progress and winning are not identical
- Able to confront students’ mistakes with grace, humor, and actionable advice
- Must think of yourself as a teammate and employee, not a free agent
- Able to embody and display a selfless attitude while on the clock
- Must be caring and compassionate
- Capable of teaching fencing in a way that’s fun and effective
- Comfortable working with kids, teens, or adults
- Capable of working 1:1 or with groups of students
- Able to independently manage a teaching schedule
- Strong communication skills, spoken and written

Nice To Have’s
- Female coaches are strongly encouraged to apply
- National or collegiate fencing experience

Application Instructions: 

Please email your resume to  The subject link should include the term "fencing instructor."   

Additional Information:   

Application Deadline: 05/31/2022



Posted 04/25/2022