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Advancing to Gold: Celebrating 125 Years of International Excellence

Your support and investment in Advancing to Gold: Celebrating 125 Years of Fencing Excellence ensures that USA Fencing continues to grow and support this great sport of fencing we all love. COVID-19 has had a devastating financial impact on domestic and international fencing. USA Fencing and our clubs are in dire need of your financial support as we navigate these uncertain times.

Your personally meaningful donation will be used for USA Fencing initiatives and programs such as:

  • Supporting our clubs through the development of resources and materials to help them secure their economic future
  • Helping to sustain USA Fencing in the COVID-19 era so that we may return to tournament operations as quickly as the law and the virus allow
  • Supporting our athletes as they advance to Tokyo so they can dominate the global stage
  • Developing our diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives to ensure a culture of support for people from all backgrounds
  • Growing parafencing programs across the country to provide more opportunities for participation and competition
  • Creating quality referee and coaching education programs to ensure excellence
  • Growing the endowment at The United States Fencing Foundation to help secure long-term support for our sport

CHALLENGE GRANT: We also are very excited to share that a gracious donor has put forth a challenge grant. For every $20,000 raised, they will match $5,000 - up to a total of $25,000. Now, that is GOLDEN!

Our goal is to raise $100,000 and capitalize on the $25,000 matching grant. Raising $125,000 will ensure the future of fencing during these difficult times and help us celebrate 125 years of international excellence. Help us support our fencing community and the future of this great sport. Now is the time to give and show your love so that we can continue to grow fencing in the United States for another 125 years.

Thank you in advance for your philanthropy. You are what makes the fencing community such a wonderful place.

TEXT TO GIVE: You can text your donation to 44-321. Just enter 125YEARS to invest in the sport of fencing.