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EpeeMaestro, Team Touche, San Diego, CA

Full Time/Part Time:  Full Time
Start Date: Spring 2022         

Job Description:  Salary $85k+

Epee Master.  Must travel to competitions and lead the team to successful competition.  Excellent sprint coaching and communication skills.  Speak conversational English.


Responsibilities:  Work with children ages 5+.  Small classes and private instruction.  Must be flexible in accepting and adapting with other fencing styles.  Must live in Southern CA.

Qualifications:  Prevot or maestro only.  10-20 years experience as a coach.  Needs to demonstrate successful students.

Application Instructions:  Please contact and send CV to        

Additional Information:  For coaches without USA Citizenship, you must demonstrate “extraordinary ability” FIE experience, articles written, students’ FIE success.  8-12 month work visa process.

Application Deadline:  Spring 2022

Contact Information:


posted 1/24/2022