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Head Coach Saber, The Fencing Center, San Jose, CA

Type of Position: Full Time

Job Title: Head Coach - Saber

Start Date: August 2022

Job Description: 

We are looking for Lead Coach - for the Saber program. The program has around 60 saber fencers over 30 in the senior program.

The club was founded in 1981 (non-profit) and we have grown from a small location, to now one of the 10 largest clubs in North America. We are a three weapons club; with Epee, Saber and Foil. In addition we provide Cardio and Yoga classes for our students, members and parents. Our Foil program is headed by Coach Dean Hinton - who helped produce the largest number of Olympic medals for US.

TFC’s 14,300 square feet of space provides 16 Olympic size strips (17 meters long, 1.5 meters wide, with a full run-off at the ends).

We provide health insurance, dental, vision, and retirement benefits. Compensation is very competitive, and will not be the reason for not joining.


The Head coach will set the direction of the Saber program, and coach the elite (advanced) fencers. They will help overlook the beginner classes, help identify the best weapon for these fencers, they will train the intermediate coach and travel with the fencers to the important competitions.


1. They should have been a high level saber competitive fencer with some accomplishments.
2. They should have produced some winning students.
3. They should be a team player, and help with the running of the club, not just coach.

Application Instructions: 

Please contact:

Sandeep Tiwari, President

Additional Information: 

Application Deadline:   Until Filled


Posted 06/28/2022