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High School Club Membership FAQs

USA Fencing High School Club Membership FAQs

What are the benefits of the High School Club membership?

  • Every member of your team becomes an individual High School Club member with USA Fencing
  • Each fencer is eligible to earn official USA Fencing classifications at high school tournaments
  • Each coach receives four complimentary upgrades to full Competitive (first timers only) for any individual on the team (two complimentary upgrades if utilizing league discount)
  • Individual members are eligible for the USA Fencing High School All-Academic and All-American Teams
  • Individuals can fence at USA Fencing clubs with the HS membership
  • End of year certificates of participation for all individuals
  • Each head coach receives a complimentary Coach membership (unless the coach serves in an official USA Fencing capacity (referee, Bout Committee, division officer, etc.))

Does every member of the team receive a High School Club membership?

Every member of the team, based on the roster submitted by the head coach and regardless of the number of athletes on the team, will become a High School Club member until July 31 of that season. Please note, every athlete on a team MUST attend the school listed on the member application. Homeschooled students are acceptable pending administrative approval.

How do High School Club members earn classifications?

Classifications can be earned at all USA Fencing recognized high school events. Procedures for assigning classifications are based on appendix 2.7 in the Athlete Handbook. These classifications are valid for all competitions, including national tournaments. While the entire field of high school competitors will determine the rating of the tournament, only individuals who are USA Fencing High School Club or Competitive members can earn a classification. Please note, in order to compete in a USA Fencing sanctioned tournament, High School Club members must upgrade to the regular Competitive membership (only $25 for first timers). If you will be competing at sanctioned local, regional and national events, you should purchase the regular Competitive membership. With this upgrade, any classification earned at a recognized high school event will also be reflected in their membership profile.

How does the league discount work?

If four or more teams from a single fencing conference/league or state join as High School Club members, the cost becomes a flat $1,000, regardless of the number of teams that participate. A league of 10 schools would cost $100 per team. Twenty schools in your league or state? The cost works out to only $50 per team.

What is considered a recognized high school tournament?

Any new tournaments must be presented to the National Office a minimum of four weeks in advance of the first date of competition for review. Please contact Bob Bodor at for more information on recognition protocols for new high school tournaments.

Individual fencers at these recognized tournaments will be eligible to earn a new classification based on the Classification Change Report submitted by the tournament director. Tournament directors must submit results within two weeks following the event for final approval by the National Office.

High school recognized tournaments are not required to meet the C1 tournament requirement to award classifications. These competitions are not a qualification path for the USA Fencing National Championships.

Are points awarded at high school events?

There are no national or regional points awarded at recognized high school competitions. However, those athletes with a current USA Fencing High School Club or Competitive membership may earn classifications based on the total number and current classification of athletes who fence in the high school individual event. The athlete would have to be a current member as of the particular tournament to receive a classification change. Those who don’t have a current USA Fencing High School Club or Competitive membership will not receive a classification. Those with a High School Club membership are required to upgrade to a Competitive membership to compete in non-high school recognized USA Fencing sanctioned competitions. With this upgrade, any classification earned at a recognized high school event will also be reflected in their membership profile.

How are homeschooled fencers approved?

Every state has its own procedures for approving homeschool students for participation in activities and athletics within their local public school. Each student must follow these guidelines; contact your state department of education for homeschool participation policies and procedures specific to your state.

Can I join a local fencing club?

You bet! In fact, one of our goals is for high school fencers to seek additional fencing opportunities at a local fencing club outside of the regular high school season. Clubs will accept your High School Club membership and allow you to join the club.

How do I upgrade to a Competitive membership?

Easy. Just log in to your profile and purchase an upgrade. This will allow you to compete at all sanctioned local, regional and national tournaments.

Can middle school students purchase this membership?

Not for this season, although consideration will be given to include middle school fencing in the future.