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Ineligible and Suspended Member List

List of Individuals Ineligible for / Banned from Membership with USA Fencing

Name State Date of Dec. Add. Info.
Nitai Kfir NY 12/13/2011 Banned
Gustavo Ducuing CA 8/1/2012 Banned
John Tejada CT 4/17/2013 Banned
Adrian Colcisca AR 6/30/2017 Banned
Daniel Brown SC 2/6/2018 Banned
Brian Koby IN 2/20/2018 Banned
Daniel Berliner FL 4/2/2018 Banned
Jonathan Tablas-Ramirez (aka Jonathan Brundage) MD 9/18/2018 Former member ineligible for membership
Joseph Pipkin NC 11/19/2018 Banned
John Proctor PA 9/17/2019 Former member ineligible for membership
Jack Mullarkey MA 5/5/2020 Former member ineligible for membership

List of Individuals / Organizations Under Temporary Suspension of Duties and / or Temporary Ineligible of Membership with USA Fencing

Name State Date of Dec. Add. Info.
Eric Dew CA 2/14/2009 Membership suspended until conditions are met.
Bruce Sikes MO 4/20/2017 Membership suspended until 4/20/2022, or until conditions are met, whichever is later.
Rick and Laura Kirk, Northwest Arkansas Fencing Center, Northwest Arkansas Fencing Foundation AR 7/31/2017 Ineligible for membership. Eligible for admittance or readmittance after one year following satisfaction of certain conditions, which has not yet occurred.
Andrey Kolotilin CA 9/15/2019 Membership suspended until 9/14/2023.
Mauro Hamza TX 12/4/2019 Former member ineligible for membership pending results of an investigation by the U.S. Center for SafeSport; subject to appeal by Responding Party.
Boris Vaksman NY 10/27/2020 Suspended through 7/31/2022. Conditions must be met prior to reinstatement, including education, community service and a letter of apology.
Allex Gruman CA 6/22/2020 Suspended from all sport involvement in USA Fencing through at least July 31, 2021 with the following exceptions: During the period of his suspension, Mr. Gruman may continue to train athletes, repair weapons and perform administrative (non-tournament related) services at Los Angeles International Fencing Center (“LAIFC”), and for this limited purpose, he may retain his USA Fencing membership.
Alexandre Ryjik VA 12/9/2020 Suspended pending the outcome of a disciplinary investigation.
Ra’ad Rabieh CA 4/12/2021 Shall not transport, or be transported with, a minor-athlete without other adults participating and present in your immediate party. Only permitted to train and/or coach athletes while under the direct supervision of other, physically-present adult(s). May not have any one-on-one or unsupervised contact with athletes, including communication through telephonic or other electronic mediums. If there is a need to communicate with athletes outside of supervised in-person training/coaching, there must be another adult included on those communications.

A listing of other individuals who have been declared ineligible by other Olympic Sport NGBs and the Center for SafeSport can be found here:  

The list can be searched by name, location or sport.