In each ROC category (Division I-A, Division II, Division III and Veterans) competitions will award points to the top 40% of the competitive field (rounded up to the next higher integer) to a maximum of 64th place, using the point tables for regional competitions found in the Athlete Handbook.

Only the best 3 results, in each respective category, count towards the point total. These points may qualify D1A, DV2, DV3and Veteran ROC fencers to the USA Fencing National Championships in D1A, DV2, DV3, and Veteran. For qualification path details, refer to chapter 2 in the Athlete Handbook.

ROCs must have at least 2 competitors and cannot be fenced as mixed gender.

Please refer to Chapters 3 of the Athlete Handbook for more details on points. 

The Regional Open Circuit (ROC) point standings are not used for seeding National level tournaments.  Only ROC events award regional ranking points.