Event: Foil
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 105 lbs
Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio
Current Residence: Lexington, Ky.
Education: First year med student at the University of Kentucky, Bachelor's degree in science pre-professional studies from the University of Notre Dame (2017), Graduate of Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School (2012)
Club: Bluegrass Fencer's Club
Coach: Amgad Khazbak
Current U.S. Ranking: No. 1
Current World Ranking: No. 5

  • First U.S. women's foil fencer to earn a No. 1 world ranking
  • Second U.S. women's foil fencer ever to win a medal at the Senior World Championships (2011)
  • First athlete to win eight consecutive individual titles at the Pan American Championships
  • Second U.S. women's foil fencer ever to win a Grand Prix title (2016)

Olympic Teams: 2016, 2012

Senior World Championship Teams: 2019 (Bronze - Team), 2018, 2017 (Silver - Team), 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2011 (Bronze), 2010, 2009

Pan American Games Teams: 2019 (Gold - Individual and Team), 2015 (Gold - Individual, Silver - Team), 2011 (Gold - Individual and Team)

Pan American Championship Teams: 2018 (Gold - Individual and Team), 2017 (Gold - Individual and Team), 2016 (Gold - Individual and Team), 2015 (Gold - Individual and Team), 2014 (Gold - Individual and Team), 2013 (Gold - Individual and Team), 2012 (Gold - Individual and Team), 2011 (Gold - Individual and Team), 2010 (Gold - Individual and Team)

Junior World Championship Teams: 2014 (Gold - Individual and Team), 2013 (Silver - Team, Bronze - Individual), 2012 (Silver - Team, Bronze - Individual), 2011 (Silver - Individual and Team), 2010 (Fifth), 2009 (Gold - Team)

Cadet World Championship Teams: 2011 (Silver), 2010 (Gold), 2009 (Silver), 2008 (Bronze)

Personal: Kiefer, whose father was a former fencer at Duke, has gone from being the youngest member of the 2009 Senior World Team at just 15-years-old, to winning bronze at the Senior World Championships in 2011. The win made Kiefer the only athlete in the world to earn individual podium finishes at the Senior, Junior and Cadet World Championships in 2011 year after she won silver medals at both the Junior and Cadet Worlds in April. Kiefer's older sister Alex fences at Harvard where she won NCAAs as a freshman in 2011 and her younger brother, Axel, competed at the Cadet Worlds in 2013 and the Junior Worlds in 2014 and 2016.