Event: Saber
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 145 lbs.
Birthplace: Maplewood, N.J.
Current Residence: Maplewood, N.J.
Education: Dual Bachelor's degrees in international relations and African and African-American studies from Duke (2007). Muhammad also attended the School for International Training in Rabat, Morocco (Summer 2006) where she completed courses in Moroccan culture and intensive Arabic.
Club: Peter Westbrook Foundation
Coach: Akhi Spencer-El
Interests: Politics, photography, language, football, culture and religion
Influences: There are so many! My parents have guided me spiritually which has kept me grounded; my coach, Akhi, for believing in my athletic ability; and six-time Olympian Peter Westbrook for his guidance and support.
Current U.S. Ranking: No. 3
Current World Ranking: No. 23


  • 2016 TIME 100 Most Influential People
  • Three-time NCAA All-American (2004, 2005, 2006)
  • Muslim Sportswoman of the Year (2012) 

Olympic Teams: 2016 (Bronze - Team)
Senior World Championship Teams: 2017, 2015 (Bronze - Team), 2014 (Gold - Team), 2013 (Bronze - Team), 2012 (Bronze - Team), 2011 (Bronze - Team), 2010
Pan American Games Teams: 2015 (Gold - Team), 2011 (Gold - Team)
Pan American Championship Teams: 2016 (Gold - Individual and Team), 2015 (Gold - Team), 2014 (Bronze), 2013 (Gold - Team), 2012 (Gold - Team), 2011 (Gold - Team), 2010 (Gold - Team, Bronze - Individual)

Personal: Muhammad made history in Rio as the first U.S. woman to compete in the Olympic Game in hijab and reached her goal of standing on the podium when she won bronze with the U.S. Women’s Saber Team. Ranked No. 7 in the world individually, Muhammad won gold with Team USA at the 2014 Senior World Championships and holds four bronze Senior World medals.

As a Muslim youth, Muhammad’s parents were in search of a sport for her to play where she could be fully covered. Fencing provided a unique opportunity where Muhammad could fulfill her desire to participate in sport and adhere to the tenants of her faith to cover her body.  She began fencing at age 13 and never looked back. 

Muhammad trains in New York City at the Peter Westbrook Foundation, an organization founded by Olympian Peter Westbrook to mentor inner-city kids through the sport of fencing. Muhammad, a three-time All-American, graduated from Duke University with a dual major in international relations and African studies, and a minor in Arabic. In 2014, Muhammad launched her own clothing company, Louella, which aims to bring modest fashionable clothing to the United States market.

She also is a sports ambassador, where she serves on the U.S. Department of State’s Empowering Women and Girls Through Sport Initiative. She has traveled to various countries to engage in dialogue on the importance of sports and education.