Division FAQs

1) Junior Olympic Fencing Championships & USA Fencing National Championships tournament information

  • Qualifying Path Information will be posted in the JOs Qualification tab.
  • Only the posted qualifying paths are recognized for qualification purposes.
  • Qualifying results (Fencing Time) must be received within five (5) days of the qualifying tournament. Complete results must be submitted to a.mack@usafencing.org

2) Dues rebates

a. For each paid membership processed in a quarter, the division shall receive $3 if their Officer & Financial reports have been received by the National Office.

b. Per the USA Fencing bylaws the portion of dues rebates allocated to your division will be paid to your division's treasurer on a semi-annual basis. In order for your division to be eligible to receive the rebate, the National Office requires your division to have filed an Officers & Financial report for the current membership year. All division officers must be current USA Fencing members.

3) Deadline and Rules for voter eligibility

a. Per the USA Fencing bylaws, only members whose applications and dues have been received by the National Office on or before February 1 of each membership year and who have attained their 18th birthday as of that date and who are considered to be members in good standing shall have the right to vote.

b. Non-Competitive members are NOT eligible to vote in USA Fencing National and Divisional elections.  You must be a Supporting member or any membership from the Competitive categories.

4) How to obtain lists/labels.

a. Per Executive Committee policy established 6-30-00, your division is entitled to up to four sets of lists and/or labels of your division members per membership year at no cost.

b. Additional lists or labels will be made available at $0.05 each for labels or $1.00 per page for lists.

c. To order your lists or labels you may contact Membership Services at the National Office at information@usafencing.org or 719-866-4511.

5) Classification Rules.

"Divisional and Regional youth competitions must meet or exceed criteria for C1 to award classifications"

6) Age Criteria for Open Events:

a. The USA Fencing Board of Directors has ruled that for any USA Fencing competition that is not specific to an age group, an athlete must be at least 13 years old as of January 1 of the fencing season. The exemption to this rule applies to any fencer who is younger than 13 on January 1 but who is listed on the latest National Junior Point Standings; then that fencer is allowed to compete in the USA Fencing competitions not specific to an age group. The athlete must meet any other criteria stated for that competition. Examples of such non-specific competitions are: "Open", "Unclassified", "A" competitions, "C" or under competitions, Team competitions of any category unless specified for juniors or similar age restricted category.

7) The USA Fencing website:

a. Important things you can find on the website:

    1. Competitive/Collegiate/International Competitive License member classifications

    2. All USA Fencing forms (membership application, club application,      NAC, JOs and National Championships and July Challenge entry forms.)

    3. Board Minutes

    4. Documents: Rule Book and Athlete Handbook

    5. National results

8) Certain electronic membership lists are available to you as a division officer. 

E-lists come in excel format and include your members' names, dates of birth, classifications, and clubs. To obtain a list please contact the National Office at information@usafencing.org. 

9) Division Resource Task Force and National Office Liaison

The Division Resource Team and the National Office liaison can regulate disputes, answer boundary change questions, and assist in the formation of new divisions. 

10) Division FenceSafe Contact

USA Fencing has created the FenceSafe contact role as we feel it will be more effective and efficient to communicate SafeSport information and answer questions/concerns at the divisional, regional and local level.

We envision several primary roles to be served by the FenceSafe contact:

  1. 1. Point of contact:
    It may be easier and more comfortable for clubs and members within your division to reach out to you with FenceSafe questions and/or concerns – rather than contacting the National Office. The division FenceSafe contact should be an initial point of contact as it relates to basic FenceSafe questions.
  2. Disseminate information:
    The more ways USA Fencing has of getting information into the hands of our clubs and members, the better. We envision that as the division FenceSafe contact, you can facilitate the passing along of pertinent information.
  3. Provide feedback:
    It is critical that our clubs and members are aware of and adhering to the FenceSafe policies. This, however, is not an easy task. We are continually working to develop and disseminate resources, education and material, but need feedback as to what more/different resources are needed to assist clubs. As individuals “on the ground,” the division FenceSafe contacts can solicit feedback as well as share observations to help USA Fencing better understand challenges faced by clubs and events related to maintaining a FenceSafe environment.

Because members and clubs within your division will come to you with questions and concerns, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the USA Fencing Fence Safe web page as it contains a plethora of FenceSafe related information -- including a MAAPP Toolkit that includes downloadable signs for clubs and tournament organizers -- that will be helpful to you as the division contact and useful as you need to direct others appropriately.

If you have any questions, feedback or concerns, please email fencesafe@usafencing.org.

11) Division DEI Contact

This person serves as liaison with the National Office.  Duties include:

  • Share educational resources with division membership
  • Identify potential outreach programs in the division
  • Celebrate individuals and clubs who exhibit outstanding leadership in DEI programs
  • Address member concerns regarding DEI within a division