Event: Foil
Education: Master's in emergency management
Occupation: Firefighter/Paramedic, now working full time as a fencing coach 
Club: Fiorreto Fencing Academy
Coach: Alan Chernomashentsev
Family: Wife and foil fencer Tania Diaz, daughters Maddie Diaz and Rachel Diaz
Hobbies: Fencing competitively, coaching fencing including wheelchair fencing, reading action/science fiction books, doing motivational speeches and safety awareness at conferences and schools, listening to music and podcasts, raising chickens, cycling, cross training and soccer
How He Started Fencing: His father was on the Cuban National Team
Favorite Fencing Memories: The day he earned his A rating in 1989 and watching his students perform in competitions
Current U.S. Ranking: No. 7 (Veteran 50-59 Foil)

Veteran World Championship Teams: 2020, 2017, 2016, 2014