Event: Saber
Education: MBA from Harvard Business School (1978), Bachelor's degree from Georgia Tech in Industrial Engineering (1968)
Occupation: CEO of a computer software company
Club: Fencing Academy of Boston
Coach: Vitaliy Nazarenko
Family: Wife Priscilla
Hobbies: Sports car racing, computer gaming and teaching computers to read and understand documents
Favorite Fencing Memory: The Star Spangled Banner being played while the American flag was being raised at his gold medal ceremony in 2013
Something People Would be Surprised to Know: He plays the blues guitar
Current U.S. Ranking: No. 3 (Veteran +70 Saber)

Veteran World Championship Teams: 2020, 2018, 2017 (Silver - Team, Bronze - Individual), 2016 (Silver - Individual, Bronze - Team), 2015 (Gold - Team, Silver - Individual), 2014 (Gold - Team, Bronze - Individual), 2013 (Gold), 2012 (Bronze), 2011 (Bronze)