Event: Foil
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Education: Bachelor's degree from Harvard University in East Asian Studies with a Secondary in History of Science (2015), Graduate of Columbia High School
Club: Durkan Fencing Academy
Hobbies: Playing classical piano (has played for 13 years)
People would be surprised to know that... I have been a classical pianist for 13 years and have performed numerous recitals and orchestra concerts... I have lived in the NYC area my entire life and am a big Boston Red Sox fan.
How did you start fencing?
My older sister, Christina, was a foil fencer, and I also wanted to try.

What has been your favorite moment while fencing?
Winning the Cadet event in the Paris Fencing Marathon in February 2010.  It was the first time in my fencing career that I won a major event.

What is you motivation?
To strive for the ultimate achievement, making the Olympic team.  I feel that each step makes the goal more real.

Who has influenced your fencing career and how?
My first coach, Buckie Leach, inspired me to set high goals, but always review competition bouts to analyze my performance in order to improve for the next event.

How do you train?
I train at Empire United Fencing Club four times a week. the club coaching uses an innovative mix of group drills, individual lessons, bouting and physical warm-ups, stretching, and yoga.

World University Games Teams: 2015
Junior World Championship Teams: 2013 (Silver - Team), 2011 (Gold - Team)
Cadet World Championship Teams: 2010