Event: Saber
Education: Senior at Livingston High School, will attend Harvard University beginning in the fall of 2018
Club: Manhattan Fencing Center
Coach: Yury Gelman and Andrew Lamianski
Hobbies: Piano (10+ years), art, drawing, reading, zumba, skiing, swimming ... Also speaks fluent Russian at home with her parents ... Practiced ballet for five years. 
Most People Would Be Surprised to Know That ... Tartakovsky loves "to be girly" and to wear dresses and skirts ... She loves to travel outside of fencing and the Spanish language (which she is learning) ... She doesn't watch TV shows, but is a big fan of all types of movies.
Biggest Challenge: Dealing with emotions and staying focused on the strip. 
Current U.S. Ranking: No. 4 (Junior), No. 10 (Senior)
Current World Ranking: No. 12 (Junior)

Junior World Championship Teams: 2018 (Silver - Team), 2017, 2016 (Bronze - Team)
Cadet World Championship Teams: 2017 (Bronze - Individual) 

Personal: A former ballet dancer, Tartakovsky’s parents wanted her to find a sport that incorporated the elegance and grace from ballet that would also be a challenging sport that would build character. When she tried fencing, she instantly loved the sport’s uniqueness and excitement level.

Tartakovsky’s older sister, Gabby, also was a highly ranked junior who went on to fence for Harvard. Elizabeth says she looks up to her sister who has always encouraged her fencing career.

After winning bronze in the team event at the Junior Worlds in 2016, Tartakovsky won individual bronze at the Cadet Worlds in 2017. Although she competed at the 2016 Junior Worlds, the 2017 event would mark her first Cadet Worlds.

Tartakovsky represents Manhattan Fencing Center where she says she has “been lucky enough to train alongside [Olympic medalists] Monica Aksamit and Dagmara Wozniak who have been great role models, mentors and friends all along.”