Event: Foil
Education: Senior at Montgomery High School
Club: Premier Fencing Club
Coach: Tamer Tahoun
Family: Mother Hok Chun Lee; sisters Kathy, Mindy and Elizabeth; and cats Maumau and Muimui
Hobbies: Piano, drawing, playing with her cat, baking with her sister, napping and reading
How She Started Fencing: She followed her sister into the sport
Favorite Fencing Memory: Cheering for her teammates during the 2018 Junior World Team event
Current U.S. Ranking: No. 3 (Junior), No. 9 (Senior)
Current World Ranking: No. 8 (Junior)

Junior World Championship Teams: 2018 (Gold - Team)
Cadet World Championship Teams: 2018 (Silver - Individual), 2017
Youth Olympic Games Teams: 2018 (Bronze - Mixed Team)