Event: Foil
Education: Bachelor's from the University of Pennsylvania (1989)
Occupation: Senior Director Service Delivery at AG Mednet
Club: Marx Fencing Academy and Tanner City Fencers Club
Coach: Michael Marx
Family: Husband Jim,  two children - Elizabeth (Liz) and Joseph (Joe)
Number of Years Fencing: 39 years
Hobbies: Coaching, family, fencing, fitness, trivia, and watching her daughter play softball at NYU and her son's theater productions
How She Started Fencing: At 13 joined Tanner City Fencers club through the Peabody Recreation Department. She had been cut from the middle school basketball team and wanted to do something to keep in shape for softball season. 
Favorite Fencing Memory: Winning JOs at 16 and then not winning another national championship until 2018 when she won the vet 50-59 title. 
Current U.S. Ranking: No. 1 (Veteran 50-59 Foil)

  • Three-time NCAA All-American (1986, 1988, 1989)

Veteran World Championship Teams: 2020, 2019 (Bronze - Team), 2018, 2017 (Gold - Team, Silver - Individual)
Senior World Championship Teams: 1993, 1991, 1990
Pan American Games Teams: 1991 (Gold - Team)
Junior World Championship Teams: 1986