Event: Saber and epee
Education: Bachelor's in mathematics
Occupation: Computer science and marketing analysis
Club: West Coast Fencing Academy
Coach: Jere Bothelio
Hobbies: World travel, rescue animals and macrame
How She Started Fencing: After being the only parent to stay and watch her daughter's high school fencing team, she was asked to join them during workouts.
Number of Years Fencing: More than 10
Favorite Fencing Memory: "My favorite moment was my first and only Division II competition in saber where I made it to the finals after only fencing a year. I was age 41 and in the finals against Becca Ward, who was 14. I lost and everyone teased me about losing to the kid ... And what a kid she was in saber!!"
Who Has Influenced Her Fencing Career: Jane Eyre (taught her about determination, grace and great sportsmanship) and Delia Turner (taught her to not ever think any of the vet women were old women and to always go strong and stay focused once on the strip)
Current U.S. Ranking: No. 1 (Veteran 60-69 Saber)

Veteran World Championship Teams: 2020, 2019 (Gold - Individual, Bronze - Team), 2017 (Gold - Team, Silver- Individual), 2015 (Gold - Individual and Team Saber), 2014 (Gold - Team Saber, Silver - Individual Saber), 2012, 2011 (Bronze - Saber)