Events: Epee, foil and saber
Disability Category: A
Current Residence: Port Orange, Fla.
Education: Bachelor's degree in Exercise and Sport Science/Exercise Physiology from UNC Greensboro
Occupation: Airborne/Air Assault Advanced Medical NCO and Radiographic NCO Retired US Army
Clubs: Zeljkovic Fencing Academy and Sword Masters Club
Coaches: Mickey Zeljkovic
Family: Children Daniel, Paddrick, Andrew, Aaron and Dovie; daughters-in-law Kara and Melina; grandchildren Scarlette, Juliet, Teddy Jack, Dominic and Lincoln
Hobbies: Fencing, cycling, swimming, speed kayaking, hiking, calligraphy, roller coasters, movies, skydiving and travel
Current U.S. Ranking: No. 2 (Saber), No. 3 (Foil)
Current Paralympic Qualifying Ranking: No. 38 (Category A Saber), No. 45 (Category A Foil)

Wheelchair World Championship Teams: 2019, 2017