Division Officer Meeting at October NAC

The Division Officer Meeting will be held Friday, October 12, 2018 at 7:00 PM CDT in Room 202 C at the Wisconsin Convention Center.

Flighted Events for October NAC

Day 1:


Day 2:

  • Division I Women's Sabre

Day 3:

  • Division I Men's Sabre
  • Division I Men's Epée

Day 4:

  • Division I Men's Foil


Check-In Times Posted

Please refer to the updated October NAC Athlete Packet for the Check-In Times.

Regular Entry Fee Deadline Extension

The regular entry fee deadline has been extended to Friday, August 31st at noon.

Tournament Registration Emails

You will receive an email after you register stating that the registration has been received. Below are the various emails USA Fencing sends for each event you enter and what they mean.

Pending - If your status is Pending, the National Office has not approved you for the competition yet. The National Office will begin to confirm qualifications within a week after the regular entry fee deadline. 

Approved - If your status is Approved, this indicates that your qualification has been confirmed and no further action is needed. Congratulations!

Withdrawn - If your status is Withdrawn, the National Office has withdrawn you from the event based on your request or that you did not qualify.

For events that require qualification, we clear by event; you will receive separate emails per event as qualification is confirmed.