Awards Protocol

Fencers placing in the top eight of each event will receive medals. Fencers should present themselves to the awards area dressed in warm-up suits immediately following the conclusion of the event. Warm-up suits should consist of a warm-up jacket (sweat shirts, pullovers, half zips, full zips, and jackets are all acceptable, no t-shirts), warm-up pants (pants of any athletic material and style are acceptable so long as they reach the knee or below – ankles may show - shorts are not acceptable), and fencing shoes or sneakers. Hats, bandanas, and headbands are allowed. Full whites are allowed if no other options are available. They must be full whites. Half of a fencing uniform (knickers or white jacket) may not be combined with warmups.

Ticketing for the November NAC

Requiring ticketed and credentialed access to the North American Cups and National Championship events will support an increased security presence at tournaments, creating a safe environment for all participants, fans and family members. 

During the 2018-19 season, all individuals who hold one of the following USA Fencing memberships will receive free access to all USA Fencing national events:

  • Competitive and Collegiate Competitive
  • Coach
  • Supporting
  • Life, Olympic Life and Paralympic Life
  • +CheckEd
  • International Competitive License

Individuals who hold the memberships listed above must simply show their membership card onsite to receive a complimentary tournament pass for the duration of the event. 

Tournament passes for the October North American Cup may be purchased online HERE or onsite at the tournament for $5 per day or $15 for the full tournament.  

As a reminder, Supporting memberships are available for $25 at and will grant admission to all national events during the 2018-19 season. 

Children ages 10 and younger each will receive a complimentary tournament pass.

Tournament Registration Emails

You will receive an email after you register stating that the registration has been received. Below are the various emails USA Fencing sends for each event you enter and what they mean.

Pending - If your status is Pending, the National Office has not approved you for the competition yet. The National Office will begin to confirm qualifications within a week after the regular entry fee deadline. 

Approved - If your status is Approved, this indicates that your qualification has been confirmed and no further action is needed. Congratulations!

Withdrawn - If your status is Withdrawn, the National Office has withdrawn you from the event based on your request or that you did not qualify.

For events that require qualification, we clear by event; you will receive separate emails per event as qualification is confirmed.