2019 National Championships & July Challenge Meetings and Special Events Schedule Posted

The tentative schedule for the 2019 National Championship & July Challenge is currently posted. Please note this schedule is subject to change. Locations and definitive times will be added closer to the start of the tournament. 

To find this schedule, please locate the link under, "Quick Links."

Registrations shown as "Pending" for Cadet, Junior, Senior, and Vet Events

If your qualification is based on National Points for Cadet, Junior, Senior, or Veteran your registration with appear as "Pending" until it is manually approved by our events team. National Points for Cadet, Junior, Senior, and Veteran are not tracked in your profile yet so it will not show up as "Approved" or "Denied" until our team verifies the entry. Please give up to 2-weeks to see the change.

Day Schedule

Once the day schedule is publicized, no further changes can be made as attendees will make their travel/hotel reservations based on the posted schedule.

Tournament Registration Emails

You will receive an email after you register stating that the registration has been received. Below are the various emails USA Fencing sends for each event you enter and what they mean.

Pending - If your status is Pending, the National Office has not approved you for the competition yet. The National Office will begin to confirm qualifications within a week after the regular entry fee deadline. 

Approved - If your status is Approved, this indicates that your qualification has been confirmed and no further action is needed. Congratulations!

Withdrawn - If your status is Withdrawn, the National Office has withdrawn you from the event based on your request or that you did not qualify.

For events that require qualification, we clear by event; you will receive separate emails per event as qualification is confirmed.