Event: Foil
Education: Junior at Morristown High School
Club: V Fencing Club
Coaches: Serge Vashkevich and Vladimir Lyshkovski
Family: Parents TJ Emmer and Natalin Po
Hobbies: Downhill skiing, fishing, soccer, football, cycling, hiking, traveling, kayaking and the great outdoors
How He Started Fencing: An after school activity with cousin Zander Rhodes
Favorite Fencing Memory: Standing on the podium at the 2018 October NAC and 2019 January NAC with three out of the four Rio Olympians after earning a bronze 
Who Has Influenced His Fencing Career: His coaches, and his cousin and fellow fencer Zander Rhodes
Something People Would be Surprised to Know: He has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Also, he is dyslexic.
Current U.S. Ranking: No. 2 (Cadet), No. 5 (Junior), No. 11 (Senior)
Current World Ranking: No. 8 (Junior)

Cadet World Championship Teams: 2021 (Bronze), 2020, 2019