Events: Epee, foil and saber
Disability Category: A
Education: Bachelor's degree in anthropology from Stony Brook University
Occupation: Barn Manager at Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue
Clubs: Phoenix Center and Zeljkovic Fencing Academy
Coaches: Eric Soyka and Mickey Zeljkovic
Family: Parents and sister Erica
How She Started Fencing: She started fencing as an able-bodied fencer because a friend was fencing. When she became very ill, her coach would not let her give up.
Hobbies: Petting and caring for horses and fencing
Current U.S. Ranking: No. 2, (Saber), No. 3 (Foil), No. 3 (Epee)
Current Paralympic Qualifying Ranking: No. 31 (Category A Foil), No. 37 (Category A Epee), No. 43 (Category A Saber)

Wheelchair World Championship Teams: 2019