Event: Epee
Education: Junior at The Potomac School
Clubs: Fencing Sports Academy and DC Fencers Club
Coach: Guillermo Madrigal Sardinas 
Family: Parents Gregory Husisian and Cynthia Dowdell, brother Peter Husisian
Hobbies: Percussion, debate and reading
How She Started Fencing: Saw it on an episode of iCarly
Favorite Fencing Memories: Reaching the finals at her third Junior World Cup and winning a gold medal with her teammates on several cadet international teams
Something People Would Be Surprised to Know: She has a collection of over 300 rubber ducks
Current U.S. Ranking: No. 2 (Junior), No. 20 (Senior)
Current World Ranking: No. 14 (Junior)

Junior World Championship Teams: 2021, 2020
Cadet World Championship Teams: 2020