Vvent: Epee
Education: Junior in high school
Club: Alliance Fencing Academy
Coaches: Lewis Weiss, Andrey Geva , Dorian Jimenez and Natalie Dostert
Family: Siblings Lewis, Hannah, Sophie and twin sister Talia
Hobbies: Hanging with friends, playing with his pets and playing video games
How He Started Fencing: Lewis has been fencing since he was born
Favorite Fencing Memory: Coming back down four to win in priority against Russia in the semifinal in Budapest
Who Has Influenced His Fencing Career: His brother Lewis has always pushed him and showed a good example on how to be a great fencer and person
Something People Would Be Surprised to Know: He has eight pets
Current U.S. Ranking: No. 3 (Cadet), No. 13 (Junior), No. 23 (Senior)

Cadet World Championship Teams: 2020