Event: Saber
Education: Senior at St. Benedict’s Prep
Clubs: Peter Westbrook Foundation and Fencers' Club
Coach: Akhi Spencer-El 
Family: Parents Rhea and James Williams; brothers Bryce, Aaron, Evan and Zander Williams
Hobbies: Reading, watching movies and tv, drawing and sleeping
How He Started Fencing: In first grade he saw a poster with midieval knights for a fencing club. He signed up because he thought it was actual sword fighting, but loved it.
Favorite Fencing Memory; Winning the cadet European Cup in Moedling
Who Has Influenced His Fencing Career: Peter Westbrook because he showed him what’s possible if he stuck with fencing and worked as hard as he could and Keeth Smart, whose drive and determination is something that he admires a lot and he tries to copy the energy that Keith had (and still has)
Current U.S. Ranking: No. 3 (Cadet), No. 26 (Junior), No. 33 (Senior)

Cadet World Championship Teams: 2020