Event: Epee
Current Residence: Seattle, Wash.
Education: Master's from the University of Washington, DVM from Texas A&M, Bachelor's from University of Michigan
Occupation: Veterinarian
Club: Rain City Fencing Center
Coach: Greg Jones
Family: Husband Richard Glover
Hobbies: Reading and volunteering at the local Greyhound rescue group
How She Started Fencing: While learning about the Renaissance in high school, there was a small club starting, so she got a taste of fencing. Years later when she and her husband moved to Seattle, they found a beginner fencing class a and went all in.
Favorite Fencing Memory: Winning her first national medal
Something People Would Be Surprised to Know: Before making a career 180 turn, she was an aerospace engineer and worked the navigation console in Mission Control on the Space Shuttle program.
Current U.S. Ranking: No. 6 (Veteran 60-69 Epee)

Veteran World Championship Teams: 2020