Ages: 11-16*

Athlete training evolves into more emphasis on fencing-specific tactics, technique and training, but still a continued focus on ABCs (agility, balance, coordination, speed), multisport involvement, exploration and fun; teamwork and sportsmanship are also emphasized.

  • More sport-specific training
  • Introduce fencing-specific tactics, training and technique
  • Develop consistent training habits
  • Focus on fine motor skills
  • Teamwork - supporting and pushing one another, better together
  • Multisport engagement encouraged
  • Limited, intentional competition for the purpose of learning and growth, not outcome


*Note that the age ranges are a general guideline and by no means a primary factor to determine when an athlete should progress to the next stage. Progression will be dependent, in part, on goals, commitment and the age at which athletes are introduced to fencing.