Event: Saber
Education: Sophomore at Kent Place
Club: Advance Fencing and Fitness Academy
Coaches: Jérôme Guth, Aleks Ochocki and Kuba Jaskot 
Family: Parents Andrew Possick and Cathy Villa, brother Owen Possick
Hobbies: Hiking, art, listening to music and journaling 
How She Started Fencing: Her older brother fenced
Favorite Fencing Memory: Winning her very first tournament at 8 years old 
Who Has Influenced Her Fencing Career: Mariel Zagunis, especially when she was younger, because when she was 8 years old she wrote a letter to Zagunis and she responded, which gave her motivation
Current U.S. Ranking: No. 3 (Cadet), No. 15 (Junior)

Cadet World Championship Teams: 2021