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Team USA Brings Home Four Medals from Grenoble Cadet European Cup

11/20/2019, 2:00pm CST
By Kristen Henneman

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – Team USA won four medals, including three of the four golds, at the Grenoble Épée Cadet European Cup this past weekend.

Competing at an international event for just the second time, Faith Park (Lorton, Va.) and Sedna Gandhi (Mamaroneck, N.Y.) earned gold and bronze in the women’s individual events, respectively, while the United States swept the team golds.

2019 Grenoble Épée Cadet European Cup Results

Undefeated on the day at 6-0 in pools and 7-0 in the direct elimination rounds, Park led Team USA out of pools as the No. 5 seed and received a bye to the table of 128, where she bested Marianne Hequette (FRA), 15-9.

Following a dominant effort over Chiara Savino (FRA), 15-3, the reigning Y14 National Champion edged out Clara Vandenbossche (BEL), 15-13.

Park held her next three opponents to single digits, reaching the final by defeating Tatiana Guliaeva (RUS), 15-8; 2019 Cadet World Team member Iana Bekmurzova (RUS), 15-6; and Gandhi, 15-9, in the semifinals.

In the final, Park made her first Cadet European Cup medal a gold with a 15-12 victory over Iulia Polozova (RUS). With the victory, she also moves up three spots to No. 2 in the USA Fencing Cadet Women’s Épée Rolling Point Standings behind Michaela Joyce (Sterling, Va.)

In her opening DE bout, Gandhi fenced Yeva Mazur (UKR), who narrowly missed the podium at the 2019 Cadet Worlds with a fifth-place finish. Gandhi took the bout, 15-11, and advanced to the table of 32 with a 15-12 win over teammate Sydney Tyler (Chicago, Ill.), 15-12.

After outtouching Juliette Baudinot (FRA), 15-14, Gandhi came within one win of a medal, giving up just four points to top-seeded Gabriela Trousse (EST), 15-4.

A 15-13 victory over Elea Jouve (FRA) guaranteed Gandhi a medal, but the run came to an end in the semifinals with the loss to Park.

Hadley Husisian (Oakton, Va.), who ranks No. 3 in the Rolling Point Standings, claimed a top-eight result in France.

After going 5-0 in pools, Husisian cruised through her early DE bouts, overpowering teammate Elizabeth Wang, 15-6; Eva Zugmeyer (FRA), 15-7; and 2019 Cadet World Team member Sophie Chavigny (FRA), 15-9.

Husisian secured a place in the quarter-finals with a 15-5 victory over Amelia Wu (Fresno, Calif.), but lost by the same score to the eventual silver medalist Iulia Polozova (RUS).

Husisian, Park, Joyce and Yasmine Khamis (Mckinney, Texas) represented USA 1 in the team event with Joyce anchoring for three of the four matches.

In its opening match against Russia 3, Team USA didn’t drop a bout with Joyce going +11 to earn a 45-21 win.

The quarter-finals was the squad’s closest bout of the day with USA 1 winning, 45-36. The United States won the first three bouts for a 15-8 lead and never looked back, earning a berth in the medal rounds.

With Park coming in as anchor for Joyce in the semifinals, the Americans led Russia 1 23-19 going into the sixth round. Team USA won the next three bouts, including a 5-0 shutout from Joyce, to go on to win, 45-32.

Again up by four going into the sixth at 25-21, the United States won the final four bouts, including an anchor victory by Joyce, to take gold over Germany 1, 45-29.

USA 1 also came home with gold in the men’s team event with Skyler Liverant (Brooklyn, N.Y.), Stafford Moosekian (Los Angeles, Calif.), Spencer Vermeule (Cambridge, Mass.) and Miles Weiss (Houston, Texas) representing the United States.

In the table of 16, Team USA overcame Russia 3, 45-38. Up 23-21 going into the sixth, USA 1 won three of the final four bouts to win, 45-38. The Americans were led by Weiss, the team’s anchor throughout the day, who tallied a +9 indicator on the match.

The quarter-finals saw USA 1 face USA 5, which was composed of Connor Jeong (Las Vegas, Nev.), Kinley Lavenstein (Cranston, R.I.) and Dennis Russanov (Davie, Fla.)

Tied at 25, USA 1 won the sixth, 5-1, but Russanov responded for USA 5 with a 9-4 win to put USA 5 up 35-34 with two bouts remaining. USA 1 won the final two for a narrow 45-42 victory and a place in the semifinals. Liverant went +8 for USA 1.

Led by Weiss in the semifinals, who went +10, USA 1 won seven of the nine bout in the semifinals against Russia 2, winning, 45-31.

Fencing for gold, the United States fell into an early 20-12 hole against Switzerland 1. Pulling within two by the start of the ninth, Weiss won the anchor bout, 7-3, to clinch a 45-31 win and the top spot on the podium.

In the individual men’s event, Henry Lawson (New York, N.Y.), Nicholas Candela (Las Vegas, Nev.) and Gabriel Feinberg (Lincoln, Mass.) all earned top-eight finishes, which is a career best individual result for all three.

Starting a perfect 5-0 in pools, Lawson posted a 15-8 victory over Jeremy Ramuz (SUI) in the table of 128 before claiming three 15-11 wins over Hal Jones (GBR) as well as teammates Lavenstein and Ryan Lee (Arcadia, Calif.)

However, Lawson came one point shy in the quarters, losing 15-14 to Theo Brochard (SUI), who went on to win gold.

Candela opened the DE bouts with a 15-6 victory over Colin Mumenthaler (SUI) before edging out Mahmoud Elsayed (EGY), 15-12, and Corentin Mathieu (FRA), 12-11.

In the table of 16, Candela defeated Aleksandor Sobolev (RUS), 14-9, but in the following round, Candela fell to 2019 Cadet World Team member Sven Vineis (SUI), 15-11.

Feinberg, who ranks No. 7 in the Rolling Point Standings, won his first two bouts against Jules Callede (FRA) and teammate Kent Iyoki (Lucas, Texas), 15-9.

After two 15-7 victories over Mohamed Abdelmawgoud Ali (EGY) and Tom Romanos (FRA), Feinberg was outtouched by Semen Zhukov (RUS), 15-14.

Top eight and U.S. results are as follows:

Grenoble Women’s Individual Épée Cadet European Cup
1. Faith Park (Lorton, Va.)

2. Iulia Polozova (RUS)
3. Sedna Gandhi (Mamaroneck, N.Y.)
3. Polina Kazmina (RUS)
5. Iana Bekmurzova (RUS)
6. Hadley Husisian (Oakton, Va.)
7. Elea Jouve (FRA)
8. Aleksandra Chikhanova (RUS)

10. Amelia Wu (Fresno, Calif.)
11. Michaela Joyce (Sterling, Va.)
15. Meghana Paturu (Belle Mead, N.J.)
21. Jessica Lin (Basking Ridge, N.J.)
28. Jaclyn Khrol (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
32. Talia Weiss (Houston, Texas)
35. Sydney Tyler (Chicago, Ill.)
38. Yasmine Khamis (Mckinney, Texas)
39. Amanda O’Donnell (Chicago, Ill.)
41. Katie Lin (Basking Ridge, N.J.)
53. Pilar Maldonado (San Antonio, Texas)
58. Lauren McLane (Lakeville, Conn.)
69. Karen Wang (Houston, Texas)
77. Tatiana Zafft (Worthington, Mass.)
83. Alexandra Drovetsky (Martinsville, N.J.)
94. Natalie Leung (San Marino, Calif.)
119. Elizabeth Wang (Houston, Texas)

Grenoble Men’s Individual Épée Cadet European Cup
1. Theo Brochard (SUI)
2. Mikhail Kazmin (RUS)
3. Sven Vineis (SUI)
3. Semen Szukov (RUS)
5. Artem Sarkisian (RUS)
6. Henry Lawson (New York, N.Y.)
7. Nicholas Candela (Las Vegas, Nev.)
8. Gabriel Feinberg (Lincoln, Mass.)

9. Ryan Lee (Arcadia, Calif.)
18. Mark Dolgonos (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
19. Ethan Kushnerik (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
22. Stafford Moosekian (Los Angeles, Calif.)
24. Kinley Lavenstein (Cranston, R.I.)
25. Spencer Vermeule (Cambridge, Mass.)
26. Nowell Gibson (Armonk, N.Y.)
35. Allen Marakov (Basking Ridge, N.J.)
36. Levi Hughes (Houston, Texas)
40. Dennis Russanov (Davie, Fla.)
41. Miles Weiss (Houston, Texas)
42. Kent Iyoki (Lucas, Texas)
44. Wilson Zhu (Diamond Bar, Calif.)
73. Skyler Liverant (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
102. Connor Jeong (Las Vegas, Nev.)
103. Michael Mun (Tustin, Calif.)
136. Joshua Shin (Anaheim, Calif.)

Grenoble Women’s Team Épée Cadet European Cup
1. USA 1

2. Germany 1
3. Russia 1
4. France 1
5. Egypt
6. Ukraine 1
7. Russia 5
8. Switzerland 1

13. USA 2
14. USA 3
24. USA 4
27. USA 5

Grenoble Men’s Team Épée Cadet European Cup
1. USA 1

2. Switzerland 1
3. Egypt 1
4. Russia 2
5. Russia 1
6. Italy 1
7. USA 2
8. USA 5

9. USA 3
10. USA 4

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