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Onsite Waitlist Policy for the June NAC

05/17/2021, 3:15pm CDT
By Nicole Jomantas

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – In order to ensure that as many positions in an event are filled as possible, a new standby policy will be introduced at the June NAC.

With the withdrawal deadline set for May 26 as the last date for athletes to receive refunds for the event, athletes may be added off the waitlist through May 28.

After May 28, standby registration will be held onsite in Richmond. Athletes who are already on the waitlist may check in at registration on the day prior to the event in which they wish to compete from noon – 5 p.m.

As pools for each event are now posted at 6 p.m. the day prior to the event, In order to be added to the competition, each athlete seeking to compete MUST already be on the waitlist AND be physically present in Richmond at registration in order to be eligible for addition to the pools. Phone call, email or texts will NOT be allowed. 

Waitlisted fencers will be charged the registration fees that were in place at the time of their registration. I.e., athletes who registered prior to the regular entry deadline will be charged regular entry fees, registrations made during the late entry window will be charged late entry fees. No additional fees will be charged for athletes who are added to the tournament via the standby waitlist.

Athletes who have checked in during the aforementioned standby registration window will be eligible to be added to the event in the order of their position on the waitlist. For however many open slots there are in an event, the same number of fencers who have checked in on site will be added to the list in order of their waitlist position.

If there are any withdrawals following the posting of pools at 6 p.m. or no-shows at the start of the event, these slots will not be filled due to the fact that additions to the event after the posting of pools would result in the reseeding and redrawing of pools for the event.


Junior Men's Foil has 175 fencers registered seven days prior to the tournament. During the seven days prior to the start of the event, 10 fencers withdraw. On site in Richmond, 20 fencers who were on the waitlist are physically present at registration, scan in and indicate that they are able to fence. Of those 20 individuals, the top 10 fencers will be entered into the event based on their original waitlist position.

For events that do not fill to the cap, athletes will be able to register until 5 p.m. EDT the day prior to the event with admission being made on a first-come-first-served basis. Athletes who register in this manner will be charged late entry fees. Athletes are not required to register in person, but should note that refunds will not be given after the withdrawal deadline.

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