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18 Champions Crowned in Columbus

12/13/2021, 5:45pm CST
By Serge Timacheff

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Dec. 9-12, 2021—The December North American Cup (NAC) in Columbus, Ohio finished Sunday, Dec. 12 after completing 18 junior, cadet and Division 1 men’s and women’s events in epee, foil and saber at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

Day 1 – Cadet Men’s Epee, Women’s Foil and Epee; Div 1 Women’s Saber and Men’s Foil

Alexander Liu (Alliance Fencing Academy) took the gold medal in the Cadet Men’s Epee event (A4, 183 competitors), beating Ian Goldfine (New York Fencing Academy) in the final, 15-9. Goldfine overcame Ethan Boroditsky (Medeo Fencing Club) in the semifinal, 15-8, while Liu defeated Kent Iyoki (Northwest Fencing Center), 15-6.

Yunjia Zhang (CAN) won gold in Cadet Women’s Foil (A4, 120 competitors), beating Sabrina Fang (CAN, Tim Morehouse Fencing Club, Port Chester) in the final round, 15-13. Fang defeated Brianna Lee (Silicon Valley Fencing Center) in the semifinal round, 15-8, and Zhang overcame Rachael Kim (Top Fencing Club), 15-14.

In Div 1 Women’s Saber (A4, 117 competitors), Chloe Fox-Gitomer (Oregon Fencing Alliance/Princeton Univ. NCAA) took the gold, beating Honor Johnson (Bergen Fencing Club), 15-12, in the final match. Johnson defeated Teodora Kakhiani-Meckling (South Bay Fencing Academy) in the semifinals, 15-7, while Fox-Gitomer beat Maria Theodore (Boston Fencing Club), 15-9.

Marcus Mepstead (GBR, Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club) scored gold in Div 1 Men’s Foil (A4, 215 competitors), beating Marcello Olivares (University of Notre Dame NCAA/Bluegrass Fencers’ Club), 15-7, in the final. Olivares narrowly beat William Kelly (LA International Fencing) in the semifinal round, 15-14, with Mepstead overtaking Gerek Meinhardt (Massialas Foundation M Team / Bluegrass Fencers’ Club), 15-12.

In the Cadet Women’s Epee event (A4, 132 competitors), Sarah Gu (Medeo Fencing Club) won the gold over Julia Yin (CAN), 15-9. In the semifinals, Yin beat Yasmine Khamis (Alliance Fencing Academy), 15-14, while Gu defeated Amy Mao (Medeo Fencing Club), 11-2.

Day 2 – Div 1 Women’s Epee; Junior Women’s Saber and Men’s Epee; Cadet Men’s Foil and Saber

Catherine (Kasia) D. Nixon (Peter Westbrook Foundation / LA International Fencing) took the gold medal in Div 1 Women’s Epee (A4, 156 competitors), winning against Miriam Grady (Escrime Du Lac / University of Notre Dame NCAA) in the final, 15-10. Grady overcame Emily Vermeule (Olympia Fencing Center) in the semifinal round, 15-14, while Nixon beat Hadley Husisian (Fencing Sports Academy, Inc./ DC Fencers Club), 14-13.

In Junior Women’s Saber (A4, 160 competitors), the gold went to Tatiana F. Nazlymov (Nazlymov Fencing Foundation), who beat Kaitlyn Pak (Manhattan Fencing Center) in the final match, 15-10. Pak beat Magda Skarbonkiewicz (Oregon Fencing Alliance) in the semifinals, 15-13, and Nazlymov defeated Lola Possick (Advance Fencing and Fitness Academy), 15-7.

The gold medalist in Cadet Men’s Foil (A4, 174 competitors) was Dominic (Dom) Joseph (Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club), who beat Jeidus Deseranno (Renaissance Fencing Club) in the final by a touch, 15-14. Deseranno defeated Nicholas Kim (Top Fencing Club) in the semifinal round, 15-13, and Joseph beat Allen Chen (Bluegrass Fencers’ Club), 15-12.

In Junior Men’s Epee (A4, 278 competitors), Gabriel Feinberg (Olympia Fencing Center) claimed victory after winning in the final against Mark Dolgonos (Fencers Club Inc., / St. John’s Univ. NCAA), 15-9. Dolgonos beat Henry Lawson (Fencers Club Inc.) in the semifinal round, 15-11, and Feinberg defeated Nicholas Lawson (Fencers Club Inc.), 15-12.

The gold went to Rodrigo Fernandez (Nellya Fencers) in Cadet Men’s Saber (B3, 176 competitors) against Hananiah So Manhattan Fencing Center), 15-6, in the final round. So beat Shaun Kim (Tim Morehouse Fencing Club) in the semifinal, 15-9, and Fernandez defeated Charles Wang (Axis Fencing Club), 15-8.

Day 3 – Junior Women’s Foil and Epee; Junior Men’s Saber and Foil

Sabrina Fang (CAN, Tim Morehouse Fencing Club, Port Chester) took the gold in Junior Women’s Foil (A4, 189 competitors) after winning with a 15-11 score against Alina Lee (Massialas Foundation M Team / The Ohio State Univ. NCAA). Lee beat Sabrina Cho (Univ. of Pennsylvania NCAA / Golden State Fencing Academy) in the semifinal round by default after Cho withdrew (medical), and Fang beat Mikayla Chusid (Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy), 15-12.

The gold medal in Junior Women’s Epee (A4, 190 competitors) went to Amanda Pirkowski (Univ. of Notre Dame NCAA) against Hadley Husisian (Fencing Sports Academy, Inc. / DC Fencers Club), 15-14, in the final match. Husisisan defeated Ketki Ketkar (Kaizen Academy LLC) in the semifinal round, 13-5, while Pirkowski beat Michaela Joyce (Cardinal Fencing Academy), 15-14.

In Junior Men’s Saber (A4, 245 competitors), Sean Moon (University of Notre Dame NCAA / Zeta Fencing) took the gold medal against Will Attig (University of Notre Dame / Oregon Fencing Alliance), winning with a 15-11 score. Attig beat Faaris Hussain (Nellya Fencers) in the semifinal round, 15-11, while Moon overtook Hyunseok Choi (Boston Fencing Club / Globus Fencing Academy), 15-11.

In Junior Men’s Foil (A4, 270 competitors), Chase Emmer (V Fencing Club / Le Club Touche) took the gold medal against Zachary Binder (East Coast Fencing Club / Columbia University NCAA), 15-14. Binder beat Bogdan Hamilton (The Fencers Academy) in the semifinal round, 15-9, and Emmer defeated Daniel Zhang (Star Fencing Academy), 15-7.

Day 4 – Div 1 Men’s Epee, Saber and Women’s Foil; Cadet Women’s Saber

Curtis McDowald (Peter Westbrook Foundation / Fencers Club Inc.) won the final match in the Div 1 Men’s Epee event (A4, 260 competitors), beating Cooper Schumacher (Fencers Club Inc.) with a 15-13 score. Schumacher defeated Alen Hadzic (Fencers Club Inc. / Lilov Fencing Academy) in the semifinal round, 15-8, with McDowald overcoming Jonas Hansen (Harvard Univ. NCAA / Olympia Fencing Center), 13-12.

In Div 1 Men’s Saber (A4, 159 competitors), Andrew Mackiewicz (Zeta Fencing) took the gold against Daryl Homer (Peter Westbrook Foundation), 15-13. Homer beat Andrew Doddo (Fencers Club Inc.) in the semifinal round, 15-14, and Mackiewicz won against Grant Williams (Durkan Fencing Academy / New York University NCAA), 15-11.

In the Div 1 Women’s Foil (A4, 141 competitors) gold-medal match, Chin-Yi Kong (Golden State Fencing Academy) defeated Rachael Kim (Top Fencing Club) to win, 15-9. Kim beat Lauren Scruggs (Peter Westbrook Foundation / Fencers Club Inc.) in the semifinal round, 15-9, with Kong overtaking Sylvie Binder (East Coast Fencing Club), 15-10.

In the Cadet Women’s Saber (A4, 116 competitors) final match, Lola Possick (Advance Fencing and Fitness Academy) took the gold against Alexandra Lee (Premier Fencing Academy LLC), 15-11. In the semifinal round, Lee beat Hannah Lee (Boston Fencing Club), 15-11, and Possick defeated Jenna Shoman (Manhattan Fencing Center), 15-10.

For complete results of all events, click here, and catch the action on the USA Fencing YouTube page.

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