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2022-23 Regional Patch Winners: These Were the Top Youth, Cadet and Junior Fencers in Each Region

07/24/2023, 1:00am CDT
By Bryan Wendell

Exactly 665 patches were awarded across all age groups and weapons, and those patches were awarded to fencers from 194 different clubs.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — While the 2023-24 regional tournament season begins Aug. 19, we still have a few more awards to give out for the successful 2022-23 season. Enter the regional patches.

Exactly 665 regional patches are being awarded for the 2022-23 season across all age groups and weapons. Those patches were awarded to fencers from 194 different clubs.

These patches recognize the most successful youth, cadet and junior fencers in each of the six fencing regions and are based on each fencer’s performance at regional tournaments.

Our events team tallied the points to see which three fencers emerged on top of their weapon and age group and will mail a gold, silver or bronze patch to each winner. 

Junior and cadet patch winners are based on the regional point standings immediately following the conclusion of the Junior Olympics.

There are also patches to recognize the top Division IA, Division II and Veteran fencers based on their performance at regional tournaments. 

Some fencers earned gold patches in more than one classification, including:

  • Miles Chambers (Yonkers, N.Y.) — Y12 Men's Saber and Y10 Men's Saber
  • Grace Choi (Portland, Ore.) — Junior Women's Epee and Cadet Women's Epee
  • Helene Cheron (McKinney, Texas) — Y14 Women's Saber and Y12 Women's Saber
  • Justice Cullivan (Lewis Center, Ohio) — Junior Men's Foil and Cadet Men's Foil
  • Logan Davis (Houston, Texas) — Y14 Women's Foil, Y12 Women's Foil, and Cadet Women's Foil
  • Ethan Doell (Alexandria, Va.) — Y14 Men's Foil and Y12 Men's Foil
  • Laith Elkousy (Bellaire, Texas) — Junior Men's Foil and Cadet Men's Foil
  • Kyle Elhusseini (Houston, Texas) — Y14 Men's Epee and Y12 Men's Epee
  • Caterina Fedeli (Johns Creek, Ga.) — Junior Women's Foil and Cadet Women's Foil
  • Macy Franger (Granger, Ind.) — Y14 Women's Epee and Y12 Women's Epee
  • Crystal Han (Bellevue, Wash.) — Y14 Women's Foil and Cadet Women's Foil
  • Tudor Hamza (Sammamish, Wash.) — Y14 Men's Epee and Cadet Men's Epee
  • Howard Li (Walnut, Calif.) — Y14 Men's Saber and Y12 Men's Saber
  • Gianna Marisi (College Grove, Tenn.) — Y14 Women's Foil and Y12 Women's Foil
  • Wesley Kropp (Falls Church, Va.) — Y10 Men's Foil and Y10 Men's Epee
  • David Knizhnik (Bethesda, Md.) — Junior Men’s Foil and Cadet Men’s Foil
  • Lucas Senic (Royal Oak, Mich.) — Y14 Men's Foil and Y12 Men's Foil
  • Sophia Schiminovich (Portland, Ore.) — Junior Women's Saber and Cadet Women's Saber
  • Xuanyi Zhang (Walnut, Calif.) — Y14 Women's Saber and Y12 Women's Saber

While comparing two clubs across different regions doesn't tell a full picture, we also like to spotlight those clubs with the most regional patch winners. For the 2022-23 season, these were the top five clubs:

  • Rain City Fencing Center: 25
  • Alliance Fencing Academy: 23
  • Renaissance Fencing Club: 22
  • Space City Fencing Academy: 22
  • Kaizen Academy LLC: 17

Congrats to all the winners! Patches will be mailed by Aug. 1.

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