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United States Olympic & Paralympic Foundation Selects Peter Westbrook as One of Its 2023 Team USA Community Champions

03/05/2024, 3:15pm CST
By Bryan Wendell

Peter Westbrook and his foundation were honored for work transforming lives through the art of fencing.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — In a gesture to recognize the profound impact athletes can have beyond their sporting achievements, the United States Olympic & Paralympic Foundation, in collaboration with Comcast, has honored Peter Westbrook OLY with the 2023 Team USA Community Champions Award

This accolade, shared with Jamal Hill (para swimming), Staci Mannella (para skiing), and Kait Miller (skiing), acknowledges Westbrook's unwavering commitment to community service, particularly through the Peter Westbrook Foundation. Each laureate receives $25,000, a gesture that celebrates their nonprofit endeavors and personal dedication to societal betterment.

Westbrook, a saber fencer who competed at six Olympics and was the first African American fencer to win an Olympic medal, is not only celebrated for his remarkable prowess on the fencing strip but also for his humanitarian efforts off it. 

His journey from a challenging upbringing in Newark, N.J., to becoming an Olympic medalist is a narrative of resilience and dedication. Through his foundation, Westbrook has harnessed the discipline and strategic thinking inherent to fencing, offering young individuals from underprivileged backgrounds a unique blend of sporting excellence and life skills education. 

Westbrook’s philosophy that “fencing has given me so much that it's my duty to serve others through this Olympic sport,” resonates deeply with the mission of his foundation.

On behalf of USA Fencing, we congratulate Peter Westbrook and thank the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Foundation for recognizing his service to fencing.

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