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Underdog, Fighter, Sarcastic? I'm All of the Above

09/02/2012, 7:30am CDT
By No Author

Wheelchair fencer Cat Bouwkamp is blogging from the London Paralympic Games...

As of Saturday, I have been in London for a full week, yet it feels like I just got here yesterday.

The whole experience has been jaw-dropping. The athlete village itself really is almost its own city -- it has rows of apartment buildings, a main dining hall off on one end and an activity-filled community center at the other side. Since I watched the Olympics religiously this year, I had a vague idea what the experience would be like, but absolutely nothing could have prepared me for the experiences I would have once I got here.

In the Team USA part of the village, we occupy two apartment buildings and have team apaxxrtments with individual bedrooms off of the main apartment. In my apartment, there is my coach, team leader and two of my teammates. It's interesting since it's my first time living with these people. Our rooms are fairly small, especially when you add all the amazing Nike and Ralph Lauren clothing and accessories we received.

It's impossible to find the floor in some spots. I share a room with the other woman from the fencing team who is the team leader. It's rare when both or either oss us are actually in our rooms, so it's not so much of a big deal that it's a small apartment... more>

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