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Coaching Institute in Boston July 16 20

06/28/2012, 8:51am CDT
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We will now be hosting the Coaching Institute this summer at the Boston Fencing Club. The BFC has 20 fencing strips, a meeting room, and is air-conditioned. 

Session Schedule & Content:
We want to assure you that we will still offer accreditation. The staff is confident we can cover coursework from both originally announced weeks. Content will be designed to meet the level and needs of the group. 

Topics may include:

Critical thinking, Ethics in Coaching, The Artistry of Coaching, Modern Footwork, Terminology, Working with groups, Preparatory actions, Stretching and Warming up, Problem solving skills, Situational Bouting, Proper Drilling, Teaching Methodologies, What it means to be a coach, Common Coaching errors, Ethics and Risk Management, Lesson Development, Armoring, Refereeing, Running a club, Developing athlete profiles, Developmental Exercises, Change of rhythm/surprise, Supporting actions, Lesson Development, Teaching Methodologies, Reactions, Training the Brain, Technical and Tactical choices, Problem solving skills, Bout Analysis, Motivation, Modern Fencing Actions, Types of Lessons, Sports Psychology 

The current staff will include Michael Marx, Gary Copeland, Brad Baker and other local, well trained, coaches. There will be more coaches if the number of attendees increases. 

Cost & Housing
We want to assure you that the cost will not change from the original plan. The fee is still $950 for one session. The rate for attendees that do not need room and board is $500.

Housing will be with a local fencing family, and is limited. Please let us know if you need housing as soon as possible. 

A note from Michael Marx:

I have found that bringing a student is incredibly beneficial to the coaches. I have organized seminars this way for years. It is very helpful for the coach as their student goes back home with them and they get accurate feedback. For the student, they get an amazing opportunity for a tremendous amount of private instruction. While coaching classes are held, the students will also have the opportunity to free fence or train with our support staff. I ask that you bring only one or two students per weapon that you wish to work with. The student rate is $120 a day. This includes room and board with a local family.

For more information, email

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