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Like Punk Rockers, Sabre Fencers are 'Kind of Crazy'

02/15/2012, 3:52am CST
By No Author

Two-time Olympic Champion Mariel Zagunis was featured on NPR on Thursday... 

There are three weapons in fencing: epee, foil and sabre. Mariel Zagunis is the best woman in sabre — she won Olympic gold medals in 2004 and 2008.

To understand the world of Zagunis' weapon of choice, it may be more apt to consult the Sex Pistols rather than a fencing historian. That's because sabre fencers, Zagunis says, are the "punk rockers" of her sport.

"You have to be more aggressive and explosive and kind of crazy," she says. "I think that kind of plays into our personality." ... more>

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