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International Tournament Registration Now Online

02/11/2011, 5:55am CST
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USA Fencing's International Department would like to announce that the request for entry  process for International Tournaments is moving online!  This will make the request for entry process for international tournaments very similar to that of national tournaments on RailStation.  This change will only affect the Senior Fencers for the events in the season that will take place after April 1, 2011.   

New Entry Deadlines for 2010-2011 Season -This document reflects the adjusted entry deadlines for most of the events in the second half of the season. For the most part, new entry deadlines are about four weeks out from the start of the competition.  Entry deadlines for tournaments in countries that require a special travel visa are approximately eight weeks out.   

New Entry Procedures for 2011 Senior Events - Two of our main goals in switching to an online registration system are to simplify the registration/selection/squad formation process and to make the information more updated and accessible to everyone.  All information in RailStation is updated in real time, which will allow you to see if your registration went through and also who else has currently requested entry for the competition.  In an effort to simplify the entire registration/selection/squad formation process, we've made a significant change to the current system.  The new process will omit the step of confirming for a competition.  In other words, once you are selected, you are confirmed.  Please see the paragraphs below:

When fencers register for an international competition in RailStation, they are confirming their desire to attend the competition if they are selected on the selection date, which occurs the day after the entry deadline.  Fencers will not be asked to confirm their status on the team after being selected; their initial interest in the competition is seen as their willingness to attend the competition.

Withdrawals: Athletes are permitted to withdraw from a competition before the entry deadline without penalty.  If an athlete withdraws from a competition after the selection has taken place for reasons other than a medical withdrawal, he/she will incur a withdrawal fine of $250.  If an athlete withdraws from a competition after the FIE Fine Deadline for reasons other than a medical withdrawal, he/she will be charged a fine of 1500 Euros.  The FIE Fine deadlines are generally 8 days before the start of the competition.  Medical withdrawals require proper documentation in writing from the physician treating the medical issue and must be faxed to 719-325-8995 or emailed to

If an athlete withdraws after the selection date but before the FIE Fine Deadline, the next alternate in line will be contacted via email regarding the open spot for that competition.  The athlete will have four days to confirm or decline his or her spot on the team.  If no response is heard in that four-day period, it will be assumed that the athlete is declining entry in that competition and the next alternate in line will be contacted.

RailStation How to Register Online for Individual International Events - This document walks you through the process of registering for events on RailStation.  Screenshots and specific instructions are included.

Important things to note:
- Athletes who previously registered for these competitions have already been entered in RailStation  as registered.  No one needs to re-register.  However, we suggest that you look in RailStation to make sure your entries are visible.
- During this transition phase of switching to an online system, please feel welcome to send an email to to make sure your registration or withdrawal was processed if you are unsure.

RailStation is a great tool that will make this process much more seamless.  However, as with most new processes, we will most likely have a few kinks to work out.  Your patience and understanding will be greatly appreciated.  I will be keeping back-up records of all entries and withdrawals to make sure no entry is overlooked and all criteria are met when selecting athletes for all competitions.

More information regarding selections on RailStation will be available soon.

Please feel free to contact Karen Kuhlman,, or Tanya Brown,, if you have questions about the process.

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