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Saber Cadets Shine in Poland

09/13/2010, 2:34am CDT
By Cindy Bent-Findlay

The Cadet (Under-17) season opened with a bang for USA Fencing at a Cadet International Cup in Konin, Poland this past weekend as John Hallsten (Sacramento, Calif./Hristov-Csikany Fencers) brought home the gold and two more U.S. Cadets reached the top eight in stiff international competition.

Hallsten squeaked by Balint Kossuth of Hungary 15-13 in the quarterfinals and then beat Andrey Korobko of Russia in the semifinals. He sealed the gold with a resounding victory over Alexander Trushakov of Russia 15-7. USA Fencing teammate Eli Dershwitz (Dover, Mass./Zeta Fencing) fell to Korobko in the quarterfinals, losing 15-10.

On the women’s side, 2010 World Cadet Team member Skyla Powers (Decatur, Ga./Nellya) reached the quarterfinals before being narrowly defeated by Angelika Wator of Poland 15-13.

Complete results, including pool and elimination bout scores, can be found at 

XI President of Konin City’s Cup Sabre Tournament

Konin, Poland, Sept 10-12, 2010

Cadet Men’s Saber

108 competitors

1. HALLSTEN, John (USA)   

2  TRUSHAKOV Alexander  (RUS)    

3T  DANILENKO Dmitriy (RUS)    

3T  KOROBKO Andrey (RUS)    

5  GORSKIY  Mikhail (RUS)    

6 KOSSUTH  Balint (HUN)    

7. DERSHWITZ, Eli (USA)   

8  BARANOVSKIY  Alexander (RUS)    

12. PAK, Peter (USA)   

14. GORDON, Blakely (USA)   

16. PUKAL, Bartosz (USA)   

18. AHN, Christofer (USA)   

25. STREETS, Kaito (USA)   

26. DUKHVALOV, Denis (USA)   

34. BUCHWALD, Isaac  (USA)

35. LOSS, Geoffrey (USA)   

60. PEPE, Justin (USA)   

83. PALABRICA, Alex Rey (USA)  


Cadet Women’s Saber

111 competitors

1   MARTON Anna (BSE)

2   BOLSHAKOVA Valeria (RUS)  

3T   WATOR Angelika (POL) 

3T   SZUMILAS Nicola (POL)  

5   POWERS Skyla (USA)  


7   KOVALSKAYA Viktoria (RUS)  


11. JOHNSON Lena (USA)

13.   SHARAHY Annabel (USA)

21.   MAJOR Desirae (USA)

22.   (RUS)SO Francesca (USA)

24.   KULMACZ Claudia (USA)

26.   PINESCHI Anastasia (USA)

33.   ZHAO Erica (USA)

35.   GOMEZ Alisha (USA)

39.   LEE Allison (USA)

42.   PALMEDO Sage (USA)

44.   MCDONALD Margaret (USA)


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