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The Old Logo is Back

09/02/2010, 4:34am CDT
By No Author

In the quest for an updated and fresh brand, USA Fencing went through multiple agencies and designs in the past year. Many members voiced their adamant opinions towards the circular logo that was recently unveiled. Whether it said “Epee, Foil, Saber” or “Honor, Integrity, Agility” was not the main issue. It was the overall design - the lack of strength and grace - that was its true downfall.

Because of the outcry of negativity, USA Fencing has decided to return to the last version of the logo, but with some possible slight modifications. Whether you like the original or one of the updated versions, we are going to let you the membership vote for the best logo.

To vote for the logo you like the best, click on the link "Logo Survey" below. The three choices are pictured below. We'll give you through the holiday weekend to get your votes in (voting closes Tuesday, September 7, 2010). Also, please note that membership materials have been printed with the circular logo for the 2010-11 season. 

Logo Survey


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