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US Fencing Selects Women's Foil National Team Coach

11/18/2009, 2:57am CST
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US Fencing Selects Women's Foil National Team Coach

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (18 November 2009) After 5-months, a search committee selected 2008 Olympic Team coach Michael Pederson as the Women's Foil National Team Coach for the remainder of the 2009-2012 quadrennial.  

After serving as the Coach for the Silver-medalist team in the Beijing Games, Pederson took the helm as the High Performance Director.  Realizing that his passion lies in working directly with athletes as a coach, he stepped down from the role and asked to be considered for the position.  The search committee (consisting of Sada Jacobsen, David Micahnik, and Mark Stasinos) was engaged in the selection of all of the National Team coaches.  They evaluated each of the applicants, and went through a thorough interview process with each qualified candidate.  When asked about the search, Committee Chair Jacobsen said, "The impressive qualifications of each of the candidates for the Women's Foil National Coach position made the Search Committee's task a difficult one.  The coaches under consideration all delivered compelling presentations outlining their strategy and vision for the program.  After much deliberation, the Committee feels that Mr. Pederson will be an exemplary leader for our Women's Foil community."

"I was pleased to receive the committee's recommendation" says Kurt Aichele, Executive Director of US Fencing, "(Pederson) has a remarkable ability for planning, foresight, and program development.  There's no doubt in my mind that the Women's Foil program will continue to become more cohesive and continue to improve over the next few years."  The Men's Foil National Team Coach Mauro Hamza indicated his support of Pederson and the ability to develop cohesion as a weapon commenting, "I support (Pederson) as the Women's Foil National Coach...and I am looking forward to collaborating with him to improve the Foil program in US."  Pederson begins his role as National Coach effective immediately.



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