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Stay and Play Information

07/22/2009, 5:30am CDT
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 Stay and Play Program Information       

 We have received several requests from the US Fencing Membership for more information on the new Stay and Play Program. This program allows US Fencing to provide more hotel choices based on both price and service, while also receiving larger room blocks at our tournament hotel properties.  As a result, this program equips US Fencing with the bargaining power to lower room and venue rates for all of our events.  For a smaller sport, bargaining power lowers all our expenses and provides US Fencing Membership with more location choices. To summarize, this program will give the Membership more hotel choices, larger blocks at each hotel, and lower room rate costs.

 The program will have a soft roll out beginning this fall for National Tournaments.  We would like you to make your tournament hotel reservations on the THS website and let the National Office know if the hotel choices that are listed are acceptable and what changes need to be made to ensure that both THS and US Fencing are providing excellent customer service to you. If you do not find a hotel that meets your specific needs or you have a particular hotel that you prefer to use in a given city, let THS know and they will add that hotel or a comparable one that will meet your requirements.

 There will also be a special Waiver process in place for the Stay and Play program.  If you live within 100 miles of the tournament location, or you have family/friends/time-share/favorite camp site in the tournament city, or if the housing service (THS) is not able to provide a comparable hotel choice, you can fill out a Waiver and fax it to the National Office. 

 It's important to note that THS has initiated several improvements on both their website and with their reservation/confirmation procedures.  I look forward to hearing if these enhancements make the reservation process easier for you during the 09/10 season.

 Both the PDF provided to the US Fencing Board of Directors during their meeting on July 5th, along with the Special Waiver, are also included with this information. 

 Please email your suggestions/concerns to:

 I look forward to hearing from you!

 Christine Strong Simmons
Associate ED, Director of Operations & National Events

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