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USOC Volunteer Athlete Position Announcement

03/09/2009, 4:02am CDT
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Location:                                          Vancouver, Canada


Dates:                                                2010 Olympic Games - February 4 - March 3

                                                            2010 Paralympic Games - March 6 - March 24


Number of Positions:                    Two, plus two alternates; 2010 Olympic Games              

                                                            Two, plus two alternates; 2010 Paralympic Games




The United States Olympic Committee's Athletes' Advisory Council is looking for athletes to serve as Athlete Service Coordinators (ASCs) at the 2010 Olympic and the 2010 Paralympic Games in Vancouver, Canada.  ASCs serve as support at United States Olympic Committee (USOC)-sponsored events to enhance the experience of participating athletes. As experienced athletes, the ASCs are in a unique position to provide independent support to athletes participating in the Games.  In performing their duties, ASCs act as a bridge between the participating athletes on one hand and the USOC, National Governing Bodies and/or other support staff on the other.



Eligibility Requirement:

ASC candidates must have represented the United States in Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American or other major international competition within the preceding 10 years; from February 12, 2000 for the 2010 Olympic Games or March 12, 2000 for the 2010 Paralympic Games.  The term "other major international competition" means a competition designated by the USOC as an Operation Gold competition.*


*Athletes who have competed outside of this time frame may request consideration for ASC positions; such requests must be in writing and sent in addition to listed submission requirements below.



Application Deadline:        March 6, 2009 extended to March 13, 2009     


Submit:                                 Letter of interest, résumé and contact information for three references. (No photographs, please).


Submit via email to: 





Position Detail


Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the Athlete Services Coordinators fall into three main areas: advisory, administrative / operational and morale.  Highlights include:


Manage and staff the Athlete Services Center Office/Lounge in the Athlete Village

Participate in team orientation / team briefing meetings to inform delegation members about:

Roles and responsibilities of the Athletes' Advisory Council (AAC)

Expectations regarding athlete conduct

PLEASE NOTE:  The USOC will conduct background searches on all selected ASC

                              representatives and alternates.


                        Available services and Village life

Serve on the Games Administrative Board as requested if designated by the AAC Chair

Schedule and run Team Captains' meeting(s) for Flag Bearer election

Coordinate and help manage athlete participation and conduct in Opening and Closing Ceremonies and the Village Flag Raising Ceremony

Facilitate athlete participation in the IOC Athletes' Commission Election

Participate in USOC staff meetings as appropriate

Coordinate Athletes' Village visitor passes for athletes as available

Serve as an information resource and communicate news, updates, schedules, directions, etc., to athletes

Organize athlete access to events other than their own and administer athlete event tickets

Write and submit an After Action Report to the USOC

Participate in post Games activities if requested


Key Qualifications

Creativity, resourcefulness and multi-tasking skills

Strong interpersonal skills

Team player and team-building skills

Managerial / project management experience helpful

Conflict resolution skills helpful

Familiarity with AAC bylaws, athlete rights

Previous Games ASC experience helpful, but not required



ASC Testimonials


Tommy O'Hare, 1998 Olympian (Speedskating), ASC 2005 Summer World University Games:

"As Olympians and Paralympians we have a responsibility to be ambassadors of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements throughout our lives.  The USOC Athlete Services Coordinator position is one of the best ways Olympians and Paralympians can be ambassadors of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements." 


Sarah Billmeier, 1992, 1994, 1998, 2002 Paralympian (Skiing), ASC 2004 Paralympic Games and 2006 Paralympic Winter Games:

"Being an ASC was a fantastic adventure - rewarding, challenging, fun, and all-engrossing.  It is a position that offers the unique opportunity to give back to the Olympic family in a way that truly helps athletes navigate toward success during the culminating competition of their careers.  You will be sleep-deprived, but in the end, in for one of the best experiences of your life!"


Skip Connors, ASC 2007 Pan American Games (Modern Pentathlon):

"The ASC position provided me the opportunity to offer the same support to fellow athletes that has been given to me through the years. It was a rewarding, full-circle experience from a rare perspective."


Garrett Klugh, 2004 Olympian (Rowing), ASC 2007 Summer World University Games:

"As the ASC for the 2007 Summer World University Games in Bangkok, I found the position challenging and rewarding.  I was able to have a direct impact on the athlete's experience both prior and during the Games.  The ASC role demands hard work, improvisation and street smarts.  The candidate must be prepared to multi-task and think on their feet.  This is a terrific opportunity for Olympians/Paralympians to volunteer in a capacity that can positively affect athletes."


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