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New National Tournament Information

12/17/2008, 11:33am CST
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National Tournament Information 

National Tournament confirmation letters and athlete packets are no longer being mailed by the National Office. The athlete packet must be printed for each tournament you plan to attend. This athlete packet is available on the specific tournament web page. A stamped fax back confirmation, printed online confirmation, or an email confirmation from the USFA will serve as your confirmation letter into the tournament. These three documents are the only acceptable forms of official confirmation material. A Confirmed Entrant list, for each National Tournament, will be updated weekly and is available on the tournament web page.

There are two types of tournament Schedules: 

The Day Schedule shows you what events will be on each day of the competition.  The # signs show you which events are currently scheduled for a Check-In prior to 10:00 am. Your Athlete Information Packet, which is mailed to each registered athlete for this tournament, has the Day Schedule printed on the first page.

A Check-In Time Schedule shows you the exact time you will check in for your event during the competition.  The Check-In Time Schedule will be posted on this website approximately one week after the first entry deadline and it will also be emailed to registered athletes (for the Junior Olympics and the Summer Nationals the Check-In Time Schedule may be posted 2-3 weeks after the first entry deadline).  The Check-In Time Schedule is the final event schedule for the tournament. 

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