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2013 Rulebook Now Available

12/30/2012, 9:45am CST
By Fencing Officials Commission

The January 2013 rulebook and penalty chart now available for download.

The January 2013 rulebook and penalty chart are now available for download. This year, the rulebook is now available as a .pdf file (which is good for reading on a computer screen or for printing out) as well as .mobi (for use on any Kindle device) or as .epub (for use on any other e-Reader).  The benefit of using a .mobi/.epub file is that the layout of text will adjust to the size of the screen you are using, whether it is a Kindle, Nook, iPad, or phone to make it easier to read -- the font sizes are easily adjustable depending on the device you are using.  Since this is a new way to publish the rules, and since there are a myriad of devices/programs out there, there may be some quirks in how the text is displayed. The content should be the same across all versions though. We have tested this on multiple different devices, and hopefully most of the issues have been worked out. If you have any feedback on how the files are displayed, please send an email to with the issue or feedback and the type of device you are using.

Many thanks go out to the members of the fencing community who helped test the files on their devices and helped ensure the layout worked across devices.

Click here to view the updated rulebook and penalty chart.

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