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January North American Cup Day 3 Results

01/22/2013, 4:30pm CST
By Nicole Jomantas

Iman Blow (right) defeated Morgan Partridge in the cadet women's foil gold medal final. Photo Credit: Nicole Jomantas.

(Louisville, Ky.) – Eighteen-year-old Emma Keehan (Chandler, Ariz.) had never made it past the quarter-finals of a junior North American Cup event, but that changed on Sunday when Keehan won her first junior saber gold medal at the January NAC in Louisville.

The sixth seed after the pool rounds at the Kentucky International Convention Center, Keehan nearly found herself stuck in the quarters again, but she pulled out a 15-14 victory over Riya Dave (Ardsley, N.Y.) – the 15-year-old who won the cadet event on Friday.

“She gave me a very tough run,” Keehan said of her quarter-final against Dave. “Her style’s very different and she falls into my weaknesses, so it was a tough bout.”

In the semifinals, Keehan and top-ranked Adrienne Jarocki (Middle Village, N.Y.) fenced a close bout with neither athlete earning more than a two-point lead. With the score tied at 12, Jarocki was issued a red card for starting an attack before the referee said “Allez” which gave Keehan a 13-12 lead.

Jarocki scored the next touch and Keehan answered with another, but, upon video review, the decision was reversed and the action called as simultaneous.

After several simultaneous attacks, Jarocki received another red card and Keehan took a 14-13 lead.

Jarocki came back to tie the bout at 14, but was given a third red card for the same offense and Keehan won the bout, 15-14.

Keehan entered her gold medal final against 2012 Cadet World medalist Skyla Powers (Decatur, Ga.) relaxed and said later that she “was just excited to be out there.”

Keehan led from the start of the bout and was up, 8-5, over Powers by the break. Keehan went on to dominate the second period where she outscored Powers, 7-4, and won the bout, 15-9.

Elated after receiving her gold medal, Keehan was both shocked and proud of her performance.

“I can’t be modest. I’m very proud of my fencing today. I cannot believe I was keeping my hand down, attacking strong… Everything was going flawlessly today. I’ve never made fours before, let alone winning, so I don’t know how to deal with myself right now. I’m so happy, I don’t know what to do,” she laughed.

Keehan went on to say that there are several lessons she will take away from her win to be used during the next two tournaments before Junior World Team selection – the Arizona Junior World Cup which will be held at her home club in Phoenix, Feb. 2-3 and the Junior Olympic Championships in Baltimore from Feb. 15-18.

“I want to keep fencing the way I did today, train the same way I did coming up to this tournament, listen to the same music because everything worked for me today. I won’t be nervous the next time because I’ll know I’ve done it before,” she said.

The women’s cadet foil event also was won by a first-time champion – 15-year-old Iman Blow (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Blow, whose name means “faith” in Arabic, went undefeated in the pools and gave up no more than eight touches to her first three opponents to advance to the quarter-finals.

In her table of eight bout, Blow, who fences for the Peter Westbrook Foundation, met fifth-ranked Kaila Budofsky (New York City, N.Y.)

The two train at the Fencers Club together where Blow has a scholarship through the Peter Westbrook Foundation.

After a close bout, Blow came out the winner, 15-12, and described the bout as “eerie quiet” since neither athlete had a coach on the strip.

“It’s high emotions and it’s dead silent and it’s kind of eerie quiet, but, at the end of the day, we still go back to the club and we still practice together,” Blow said.

Blow won her next bout over 14-year-old Grace Ding (Bolton, Mass.), 15-8, to advance to the gold medal final against 14-year-old Morgan Partridge (Swansea, Mass.) – a top eight finisher at the 2012 Cadet World Championships.

After building a 9-6 lead, Blow went on a six-touch run to finish the bout, 15-6, and win her first cadet NAC title.

“Every time I get en garde I tell myself to calm down and just be strong. I consider myself to be an aggressive fencer and once I start, I just keep going,” Blow said. “At Summer Nationals, I lost to Sabrina Massialas in the final and that was kind of a bummer, so it felt good to come back strong and win at this one.”

Nineteen-year-old Michael Dudey (Bellaire, Texas), a member of the U.S. Team that won gold at the 2012 Junior World Championships, successfully defended his 2012 January NAC title in the junior men’s foil event.

Dudey didn’t give up more than six touches to any of his first three opponents, but 15-year-old Matthew Branman (Villanova, Pa.) kept the score in their table of 16 bout closer as he picked up 10 touches before Dudey closed out the bout, 15-10.

Dudey advanced to the gold medal bout after 15-4 victories over 19-year-old Alex Chiang (Atlanta, Ga.) and 17-year-old Joseph Lam (San Francisco, Calif.)

In his gold medal bout against Jason Chang (Mountain View, Calif.), Dudey scored seven straight touches in just over a minute. Chang picked up the next two, but Dudey picked up seven more to bring the score to 14-2. Chang earned two touches to keep himself in the bout, but Dudey made the final touch to win the bout, 15-4.

Thirteen-year-old Tatijana Stewart (Ogden, Utah) defeated 14-year-old Barbara Vanbenthuysen (The Woodland, Texas), 15-11, in the Y14 women’s epee gold medal bout to win her first national level title since taking gold in the Y10 event at the July NAC in 2010.

Fourteen-year-old Mitchell So (Dallas, Texas) won his first NAC title in the Y14 men’s saber event after a gold medal final victory over 15-year-old Philippe Guy (San Diego, Calif.). Up 8-3 at the break, So only gave up one touch in the second period on his way to winning the bout, 15-4.

Competition continues on Monday with the schedule as follows:

Monday, Jan. 21
8:30 a.m.
Junior Men’s Saber
Cadet Men’s Epee
Y-14 Women’s Foil

2 p.m.
Cadet Women’s Epee


Click here to view complete results.


Top eight results are as follows:


Junior Women’s Saber
1. Emma Keehan (Chandler, Ariz.)
2. Skyla Powers (Decatur, Ga.)
3. Francesca Russo (Wayne, N.J.)
3. Adrienne Jarocki (Middle Village, N.Y.)
5. Riya Dave (Ardsley, N.Y.)
6. Anastasia Ivanoff (Los Angeles, Calif.)
7. Alexas Antipas (Stony Brook, N.Y.)
8. Allison Lee (Saddle River, N.J.)

Junior Men’s Foil
1. Michael Dudey (Bellaire, Texas)
2. Jason Chang (Mountain View, Calif.)
3. Joseph Lam (San Francisco, Calif.)
3. Harry McGuire (Cos Cob, Conn.)
5. John Vaiani (Belmar, N.J.)
6. Drew Johnston (Whitehouse Station, N.J.)
7. Jacob Stein (San Francisco, Calif.)
8. Alex Chiang (Atlanta, Ga.)

Cadet Women’s Foil
1. Iman Blow (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
2. Morgan Partridge (Swansea, Mass.)
3. Liana Semel (Carmel, N.Y.)
3. Grace Ding (Bolton, Mass.)
5. Anna Zhou (Lexington, Mass.)
6. Stefani Kahookele (San Francisco, Calif.)
6. Kaila Budofsky (New York City, N.Y.)
8. Anastasiya Muravyeva (Fair Lawn, N.J.)

Y14 Women’s Epee
1. Tatijana Stewart (Ogden, Utah)
2. Barbara Vanbenthuysen (The Woodlands, Texas)
3. Belinda Mo (Irvine, Calif.)
3. Farrah Lee-Elabd (San Antonio, Texas)
5. Tzarina Von Fritsch (San Antonio, Texas)
6. Juliana Peceli (Sacramento, Calif.)
7. Michelle Nam (New York City, N.Y.)
8. Isabel Kain (Boston, Mass.)

Y14 Men’s Saber
1. Mitchell So (Dallas, Texas)
2. Philippe Guy (San Diego, Calif.)
3. Carlo Mellone (Oakland, N.J.)
3. Daniel Ibeling (Maple Grove, Minn.)
5. Samuel Kwong (Los Altos Hills, Calif.)
6. Andrew Doddo (South Orange, N.J.)
7. Salvatore Centanni (Washington, D.C.)
8. Connor Rounds (Clifton Park, N.Y.)

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