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Amanda Sirico Wins Silver, Justin Yoo Takes Bronze at Gothenburg Junior Epee World Cup

02/06/2013, 6:30pm CST
By Nicole Jomantas

Amanda Sirico receives her second place prize on the podium. Photo Credit: Andrey Geva.

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – After placing sixth in the Cadet European Epee Cup in Gothenburg, Sweden on Saturday, 17-year-old Amanda Sirico (Bowie, Md.) won her first Junior World Cup medal on Sunday in the U20 event.

Sirico posted a 5-1 finish in the pools to earn a bye into the table of 128.

After 15-3 and 15-4 victories over Emelie Mumm (SWE) and Cheryl De Jong (NED), Sirico won her table of 32 bout over Victoria Ait Ali (FRA), 15-9.

In the table of 16, Sirico fenced 2012 Junior World Team medalist Anna Van Brummen (Houston, Texas).

Sirico won the bout over the Princeton freshman, 15-9, and defeated Auriane Mallo (FRA), 15-12, in her first ever Junior World Cup quarter-final.

Isabel Ford (Salem, Ore.), Van Brummen’s teammate at Princeton, advanced to her second straight Junior World Cup quarter-final. Ford, who is currently ranked fifth in the nation and is attempting to qualify for her first Junior World Team, lost her bout to three-time Junior World Team member Isabel Di Tella (ARG), 13-12, to place sixth overall.

With a podium finish secured, Sirico defeated Di Tella, 15-13, in the semifinals.

Sirico finished the tournament with a silver medal after she lost to the top-ranked junior women’s epee fencer in the world, Alona Komarov (ISR), 15-9, in the final bout.

Cadet European Cup bronze medalist Justin Yoo (second from right).

Cadet European Cup bronze medalist Justin Yoo (second from right). Photo Credit: Andrey Geva.

Fifteen-year-old Justin Yoo (La Verne, Calif.) also stood on the podium in Sweden after winning his first ever bronze medal in the men’s Cadet European Cup.

As the first seed out of the pools, Yoo earned a bye into the table of 64 where he defeated Rasim Galimzianov (RUS), 15-12.

In the table of 32, Yoo defeated his U.S. teammate, Darius Zacharakis (Houston, Texas), 15-11.

Yoo won his third straight DE bout in the table of 16 where he defeated Alexey Rassolov (RUS), 15-7.

Sixteen-year-old Porter Hesslegrave (Los Angeles, Calif.) advanced to the quarter-finals for the second time this season with a 15-12 win over Evgeny Masyuk (RUS), but fell short of the medal rounds when he placed fifth after a 15-7 loss to Linus Islas-Flygare (SWE).

Yoo, whose previous best finish at a Cadet European Cup was 10th in Chalon last season, outtouched Roland Tchata (FRA), 15-14, in the quarter-finals.

Yoo won his first international bronze medal after a 15-6 loss to Paul Allegre (FRA).

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Top eight and U.S. results are as follows:

Gothenburg Junior Women’s Epee World Cup
1. Alona Komarov (ISR)
2. Amanda Sirico (Bowie, Md.)
3. Isabel Di Tella (ARG)
3. Alexandra Ehler (GER)
5. Diana Sher (AUS)
6. Isabel Ford (Salem, Ore.)
7. Abigail Stech (GER)
8. Auriane Mallo (FRA)

9. Anna Van Brummen (Houston, Texas)
14. Nina Van Loon (Boulder, Colo.)
17. Maria Alejandra Trumble (Cambridge, Mass.)
20. Audrey Abend (New York City, N.Y.)
22. Mason Speta (Chicago, Ill.)
26. Kat Holmes (Washington, D.C.)
33. Isis Washington (Parsippany, N.J.)
54. Jessie Radanovich (Tollhouse, Calif.)
75. Madeline Kehl (Valencia, Calif.)
79. Aleina Edwards (Los Angeles, Calif.)

Gothenburg Cadet Men’s Epee European Cup
1. Paul Allegre (FRA)
2. Louis Vervoitte (FRA)
3. Linus Islas-Flygare (SWE)
3. Justin Yoo (La Verne, Calif.)
5. Porter Hesslegrave (Los Angeles, Calif.)

6. Baptiste Bettrancourt-Couaillet (FRA)
7. Roland Tchata (FRA)
8. Alexis Bayard (SUI)

9. Jake Raynis (Chatsworth, Calif.)
21. Nathan Lee (Las Vegas, Nev.)
26. Ariel Simmons (Bellaire, Texas)
32. Darius Zacharakis (Houston, Texas)
36. Anton Piskovatskov (Houston, Texas)
45. Zachary Zeller (Henderson, Nev.)
46. Charles Horowitz (Los Angeles, Calif.)
48. Hans Engl (Seattle, Wash.)
49. Gabriel Canaux (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
50. Gabriel Weininger (Northbrook, Ill.)
53. Esteban Sanchez (League City, Texas)
57. Matthew Shlimak (Houston, Texas)
74. Harrison MacRae (Chicago, Ill.)
75. Michael Popovici (Katy, Texas)
77. Samuel Koch (San Francisco, Calif.)
110. Nicholas Campbell-Kruger (Boulder, Colo.)
125. Ryan Carroll (Atlanta, Ga.)

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